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Friday Afternoon
A little before 6 PM Dr Secore (gastroenterologist) came by and said that there had been some blood in Dad's stool. This was the first any of us had heard about it.
Apparently, when dad had the first round of antibiotics they caused diarrhea, of course. There was a little bit of blood in the stool. At that point, Dad was coming off the Coumadin and had been taking aspirin. Dr Secore said that those drugs plus the antibiotics could easily cause a little bleeding. Since Dad's most recent colonoscopy, 3 years ago, was clean, the doc wants to take a wait and see approach.  
He plans to take some more stool samples over the weekend and see what happens before he orders any major tests. He is more concerned about the effect of anesthesia on Dad than a very small amount of blood in the stool.
Dad and I were more concerned that no doctor had mentioned any of this to any of us before Secore's arrival. He and Aisha, the nurse, were surprised, too. Aisha knew about the blood but she said that she is not allowed to report test results to the patient. It is the doctor's responsibility to tell us. Then she can follow up and offer more information and answer questions. With so many doctors, maybe it just fell through the cracks.
I think there is a lesson here but I am not sure how to avoid the situation.
If there is any real problem we will know early Monday. Dad will not go home but have an endoscopy. Dr. Secore thought that this would not be very likely at all. Low on the totem pole of all concerns.

On the other hand, Dad is the darling of the floor. Everyone wants to work with the patient in 33. The Cruise Director was at work but she didn't have Dad's room.
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