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ACT Blade: The Next Generation
ACT Blade: The Next Generation

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5th - 7th April 2017: Dr Sabrina Malpede will be attending the 6th International Conference: Advances for Rotor Blades in Wind Turbines in Bremen, Germany. Alongside experts from Siemens, Vestas and Euros GmbH to name a few, Sabrina will be sharing her expertise and knowledge with colleagues from around the world. She will be speaking about the engineered
textile design concept behind ACT Blade and the benefits this will offer, both in energy production, manufacturing and maintenance. This conference will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas with other industry leaders and to present ACT Blade to the wind turbine community. We hope to see you there!

For more information, please visit the conference webpage

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ACT Blade will exhibit at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 as part of the Scottish Pavilion at Offshore Wind Energy 2017, London, 6-8 June. See more info about event here: 

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ACT Blade story featured in Circuit magazine - +Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult +ORE Catapult
Read the whole story here:

#innovation #windturbine #SME #UK #windindustry

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09/03/2017: The second Mid-stage Energy Catalyst Award project kicks off in Edinburgh. This project is about developing and testing the modular ACT Blade. The modular version of the product will bring many added benefits, such as adding extra level of flexibility in blade design and manufacturing and reducing the cost of transport. The Modular ACT Blade will further reduce the cost of energy. For this reason, it was awarded a Mid-stage Energy Catalyst Award, recognising the fact that it addresses the UK energy trilemma. We will be collaborating with +Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, the +National Composites Centre , +BVG Associates and +Williams Advanced Engineering during this phase. Together, we have the technical, commercial and management skills vital to success. 

01/03/17: ACT Blade are pleased to announce the arrival of a new colleague. Miguel Martins joins the company today from Aberdeen, where he had been working for some time in the oil and gas industry. Miguel is delighted to be making the move into the renewables sector, and ready to take on a new challenge. With an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Técnico Lisbon in Portugal, he will be focusing on the design of ACT Blade’s load bearing components. The team look forward to working with him.

28/02/17: Today the team has been carrying out initial rain erosion tests on our prototype ACT Blade. Erosion to wind turbine blades is a huge problem as it drastically shortens their lifespan, leading to hefty maintenance costs. Such damage can be caused over time by rain or by sand particles carried in the air. The tests we have been carrying out involve blasting the prototype with a water jet to assess how it stands up to sustained water pressure.

Feb 2017: Puncture testing to our prototype blade has been successfully completed this month. Punctures test are required to verifying the damage modes of wind turbine blades

Jan 2017: This month our prototype ACT Blade has been undergoing hail gun testing. During this process, missiles of compacted ice are fired at the prototype using a gas gun. By simulating a hailstorm in this way, we were able to verify that the high- tension textiles which make up our ACT Blade are not damaged by hail. Being resistant to hail helps to keep maintenance costs of wind turbines down.

30/11/16: Today we wrapped up our wind tunnel testing at the University of Glasgow. This important stage of the testing process involves subjecting a prototype ACT Blade to simulated wind in order to assess its aerodynamic performance. Many thanks to our colleagues at the University.

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Oct 2016: ACT Blade are pleased to announce that we have won a second Mid-stage Energy Catalyst Award from Innovate UK. A government run funding competition designed to accelerate British progress within the renewable energy sector, Innovate UK aims to offer financial help to companies who are developing possible solutions to the energy ‘trilemma’. This energy trilemma denotes the three main challenges which the global energy industry is currently facing - namely, reduction of carbon, security of supply and affordability. ACT Blade has been recognised as an innovative product which has the potential to address all three of these problems. This second round of funding will be invaluable in supporting the testing and development phase of our the modular version of our ACT Blade.

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