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Surf Photographer +Chris Burkard battles some of the harshest conditions on earth to capture moments of raw beauty. Watch as he and three professional surfers travel to the Arctic Circle to surf the frigid seas:

Check out other SmugMug Films at

#surfing #photography #smugmug

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can't wait for the next +SmugMug  films video!

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Madras cafe has become a madhouse!

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Since this took me months to find, and is apparently ungoogleable and not obvious in the docs, here's how to make an easy histogram in Splunk:

"slow connect" Time<2.3| bucket Time span=0.01 | stats count by Time

and there you have it. Such a useful feature, buried.

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Really like the layout of Marc Olivier's new SM site, especially his choice of thumbnails and how they tempt you to click by only showing portions of objects:

and what a great review :)

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What people do when website/photo customization is easy:
10 Beautiful SmugMug Sites

Want to see what folks have been building on the new +SmugMug platform? Here are some of my favorites that I've seen so far.

Mentioned in the post are sites by: 
+Gilmar Smith 
+Schmoo Theune 
+Katherine Cheng 
+Tomasz Nowicki 
Ben VonWong
+Scott Kelby 
+Denise Gamboa 
+Thomas Hawk 
+Jeff Sinon 
+Matt Savage 
Boneheads Pet Service

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The Santa Clara County Fair is a wonderful community event, and I'm glad it's back! Santa Clara's fair differs from the big ones in San Mateo and Alameda because it's smaller and more local, which makes it a more relaxing event, especially if you have kids. There's a lot more room for a little kid to run around and take his time looking at the animals. 

The farm animals there are happy lambs, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits (and..cats?). This year there was also a petting zoo with an assortment of very friendly pets and a reptile area, including one huge tortoise. Hal really enjoyed the dog races, and of course, there are exhibitions of various arts and crafts from local kids.

Highly recommended. The fair's last day is sunday, opens at noon.

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+Robert Scoble is spot-on here!

Of course I'm biased. But Scoble's absolutely right: the way for startups to win among the giant players is to do things they cannot do. None of the big companies offer low-level customization to their users. Customization requires top-notch customer service, and all of the big companies treat personalized help from customer service as something that cannot scale, and as something to be outsourced or eliminated. SmugMug makes customer service the heart of the business. Please copy this business model; it is a wonderful way to serve your customers, and the world will be better for it.

"I wish Silicon Valley had more companies like SmugMug" -- Scoble
The new SmugMug is awesome. Can this little company beat Yahoo and others?

All you have to do is see how excited photographers like +Thomas Hawk are: or +Trey Ratcliff or +Karen Hutton or others who are great photographers here on Google+ (a search for "SmugMug" here this morning shows a bunch of others: ).

I shot these photos in a demo that founders +Don MacAskill and +Chris MacAskill gave me last week. Their wives (and dogs) were sitting on the floor, demonstrating just what a family affair this company is. I don't remember any other startup having such a family feel to it.

Which brings me to this point: can this company continue to find a way to compete with much bigger and better funded companies? I think so. Why: they are attracting great developer and customer service talent that other companies aren't. The singular focus they have on pro and advanced amateur photographers gives the service a focus that other places, including Google+ or Facebook, er, Instagram, will never be able to match.

I wish every startup entrepreneur could visit SmugMug. The lessons on how to build a company and not just a cool product are everywhere (it's very rare you'll see a cool product come out of a dysfunctional company). 

I'd say to start with the wives and the dogs on the floor. That says volumes about the kind of company they are building and the product on the screen reflects those values.

I wish Silicon Valley had more companies like SmugMug.
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