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J Richard
A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move a body.
A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move a body.

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Have any of you watched a show called Black Mirror? It's streaming on Netflix now. Fantastic show. Reminiscent of the Twilight Zone but centered on stories of technology and social networking. 

Yes, last night's election was exhilarating for us all to finally see the democrats running for cover. But I want to urge caution, just because independents crossed over to the conservative side does not mean they'll stay there. They're a wishy washy bunch by nature. We have to hold the Republicans feet to the fire and find out what they're really made of. Accountability is key. No more reaching across the aisle or compromising. On anything! I would rather see our government locked in a stalemate than continue to meet in the middle and add fuel to our mutually assured destruction. I'm not trying to be a buzzkill, but last night was nothing more than the equivalent of throwing on the brakes on a run away train. We still have to stop it from plunging off the cliff.
Just my 2¢.

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He's right. The empty garages with two races left are a disgrace. F1 is cannibalizing itself. Ecclestone needs to wake up.

Hi there, been doing keto for about 8 months now (Down 40 lbs). I feel terrific, best I've felt and looked in years..... Always looking for new recipes and hearing people stories.

Would liberals please explain why union workplaces are exempt from SeaTac’s $15 minimum wage law?

Found this interesting...... and typical.

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So true.

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The 'Poom Poom' song! 'SEXY' Kelley B.[Official V…:

Oh dear lord. Cringeworthy doesn't even begin to cover this.....In case you were wondering, this is the official video. 

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Silvatra - Alien (Official Music Video):

Apparently her mother is funding her career. This is special, ya'll can thank me later.

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