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Green Harbor Building Systems
The ICF and Green Building Experts in Georgia
The ICF and Green Building Experts in Georgia


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Found this great article on PH Design in #ArchitectMagazine. Incorporating ICFs is a perfect fit for sustainable and affordable housing.

"How Affordable Housing is Driving Passive House Design"

A grassroots effort started by Philadelphia-based design firm Onion Flats to incentivize building performance is catching on nationwide.

Despite cutting energy consumption by up to 80 percent, passive design is often seen as an added—and untenable—first cost to building developers. Now, one market sector is getting a boost to make the investment more palatable: affordable housing. Thanks to a movement that originated in Pennsylvania, many states are now offering tax credits and incentives to encourage the construction of buildings that are in compliance with the Passive House performance standard developed by the German-based #PassivhausInstitut and adapted to the United States market by the #PassiveHouseInstituteUS.

Read the full article here:

Find out why ICFs are a great fit for PH Design here:

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Have you ever thought about becoming a LEED Professional but were put off by the cost? If so, today is your day because the Bank of America Charitable Foundation is now accepting applications for their Green Scholars Program. The program is open to all low to moderate income individuals who do not currently hold a LEED professional credential.

Click here for more details about this limited time opportunity from the USGBC:

For more information about Green Building in GA click here:

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So what's so great about living in a concrete home? What do ICF walls offer that wood-framed walls can't, in terms of comfort, performance, affordability and safety? Here are some of the most compelling benefits, according to statistics from ICFA and PCA:
• Lower energy bills
• Greater comfort and quiet
• Pest proof
• Healthier indoor environment
• Safe haven from Hurricanes & high winds
• Fire Resistant
• Less repair and maintenance

Read the complete article from here:

Find out how Green Harbor Building Solutions and Fox Blocks can bring the benefits of building with ICF to your next project here:

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Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC in GA is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website dedicated to ICFs and Green Building in Georgia. We proudly represent green building & sustainable construction products including Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms, Gorilla Buck ICF Window & Door Bucks and Plumwall ICF Wall Bracing. We are the ICF & Green Building Experts in GA for Homeowners & Self-Builders, Contractors & other Building Professionals as well as Commercial Owners & Operators.

Have a look at our new website and let us know what you think at

Thanks to my friends at 2iiS Marketiing for their efforts in turning this into a reality.

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Post has attachment Check out our ICF construction video playlist over on our Youtube channel too

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