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I could not be more disappointed by the Supreme Court decision that campaign contributions are the same as free speech.  At a time when our government is moving toward more corruption we should be finding ways to wring the money out of the political process.
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+Ryan Poff you are certainly correct.  I didn't mean to imply that we can stop the influence of money.  We need to find ways to reverse it.  Any ideas???
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Mike Arringdale

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The shock from reading that Larry King believes that there is no bias in the media leaves me almost speechless
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This article is definitely worth reading.  It really puts the Obama presidency in perspective.
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+Jon Leathem I guarantee you if bill gates makes another 50billion tomorrow, my paycheck will neither go up or down, he'll be a lot more wealthy, i won't be any more poor.If you hit a 100 million $ lottery, and you live next door to me, an I now affected by your wealth.Does my paycheck go down immediately, I don't think so, Obama class warfare.Your wealthy great for you, why should I be jealous because someone busted their asses , worked hard and earned their wealth? Should I be upset if someone inherited their wealth.Wealth doesn't = evil, that's Obama's bread and butter.
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I have never even heard of a person more arrogant than Harry Reid (Dirty Harry)
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HEY PEOPLE!!!!!!  With all this attention focused on Obamacare we are losing sight of the out of control deficit, the lack of a budget, and a national debt that is undermining US credibility throughout the world.
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Hey Mike!  All the things you mention are important; they are detrimental to the American way of life, as well as being shameful and immoral.  Personally, I have chosen to focus on Obamacare, as it would provide our bloated bureaucracy with an even greater tool for eroding both personal liberty and state sovereignty, while making the rampant fiscal irresponsibility you point out progressively worse.

However, attacking the beast from different angles is important too.  Have you considered the role the IRS and its Federal Reserve partner in crime play in the fiscal fleecing of America?  Taking the unloved and abusive IRS out of the equation would kill several birds with one stone, including Obamacare.

I previously posted a call-to-action for the purpose of pressuring our elected public servants to support dismantling and replacing the IRS with a simpler revenue system; one that has less potential for abuse.  Exercising our power over the purse may be our best means of effecting change without taking up arms — as Jefferson predicted may some day be necessary.

If you are interested in reining in our runaway government, your support for changing our current course would be very welcome!
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Mike Arringdale

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What a relief to see this guy out of our face.  America did not turn on him like he says.  He turned on America and America responded.  The only thing left to do is to deport the sob
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I would rather see CNN and MSNBC shut down entirely.
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It seems to me that a democracy depends heavily on well informed voters to make the correct choices.  If that's the case, doesn't the news media have a moral imperative to report truthfully, fully, and without bias.  To that end how can the media be pressured to do the right thing without infringing their first amendment rights?
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Well, +Michael Behrens I'm afraid you are correct, but with the strong link between legislators and big money with nobody to report it and nobody interested if it was reported, our country may already be lost.
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Mike Arringdale

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Haha that obama guy sure gets a lot of attention
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Republicans have a great opportunity to lead by coming together behind a plan to replace Obamacare.  The object should be to reduce costs and improve the health care system.  The Obama, Reid, Pelosi approach was simply a ploy for expanding government and dividing the spoils among themselves.
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Torte reform is very important in reducing costs.  Allowing people to shop for health insurance across state lines is another.  Another important improvement to the system would be to remove the link between employers and health care.  There is no reason why employers should bear the burden of providing health insurance.  People should be able to shop for their own plans and keep that plan regardless of whom they work for.  The real point is that the GOP needs to coalesce behind one idea and run on it - offer an alternative not just criticism.
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