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Of interest to all those working with "hot stuff".

Pax already has a good chunk of the source up in his github repositories:

Gotta love open source hardware!

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MakerBot's finally pulled the plug on the old Google Group.

gasp I'm shocked!  (said no one ;-)

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Some food for thought.

If we can find something similarly ancient to this Patent US3016451 in the patent system with a "quick release" mechanism, or manuals for 20+ year old products (or existing devices in museums) that have mechanisms to quickly disengage a filament from the drive system...

Since 20140120196 ( specifies an "extruder assembly", something pre-existing for semi-automated, industrial hot-glue or thermoplastic dispensing should do the trick.  Kill the overly-broad independent claims 1 and 14 and the patent's effectively dead.

I don't read anything uniquely "three-dee-printing"  specific to it.  Any industry that uses tools that take a "filament" feedstock as input and passes it thru an "extruder" is likely to already have benefited from a quick-release mechanism to ease reloading.  The tricky bit is finding those examples and mapping each element in the patent's claims directly to (sub)system elements.

Disclaimer: I Am Not A Lawyer. ;-)

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Almost time for the Ottawa Public Library & US Embassy joint #imaginespace launch!

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This is your chance, folks!
OpenSCAD is looking for college/university students for Google Summer of Code.

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A little something by an old friend of mine.

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Dunno what the positional accuracy is like, but if this is truly 0.1um resolution...  Back in '98 TSMC was just releasing their 0.18um CMOS process and MEMS was just starting to appear.

This is potentially MEMS-scale 3D printing! For $5K!

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For future reference, particularly w.r.t designing 3d printable motors.

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Heads-up #OpenHardware  folks!  Submission deadline for the $2000 WyoLum Innovation Grant is Dec. 31, 2013!
Folks, please help spread the word by sharing with your friends and friends of friends. Here are the Dates for WIG2013 :

Announcement :  Dec 3, 2013
Question period :  Dec 3 - 15, 2013. Send questions to
Submission deadline :  Dec. 31, 2013
Voting period ends  :  Jan 7, 2014  
Winners announced  :  Jan 14, 2014

Full details in this document :

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May we live in interesting times...
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