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Sea Safe Boat School Skippers Ticket Perth (Maylands Marina)

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Sea Safe Boat School
Published by Michael Watson ·
LED Navigation Lights Marine Safety Alert!
Are your nav lights, or other lighting, creating danger?
Below is all you need + a 360 degree anchor light
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What to catch and where in the Swan River
September 13, 2007 9:22AM
PERTH'S Swan River provides some scenic and rewarding fishing, from battling black bream to giant estuarine mulloway.

In the dim morning light, the angler can recognise the shape of a submerged tree trunk.

His little electric outboard motor allows him to glide almost silently to within casting distance.

He tosses a lure right next to the snag. A couple of turns of the handle and the little lure wiggles down.

The rod tip bucks as the line becomes taut, the lure intercepted by a bullocking black bream.

If the angler is lucky, he will begin to pull the fish away from the snag. The fish will have its turn of

luck if the angler chooses to flick the hooks free and send the beautiful creature on its way.

A shore fisher can try the same techniques.

Black bream are a cunning and strong adversary, and hang about in areas of the Swan River that are just nice to be in, fish or no fish.

Small minnow and soft-plastic lures are the rage, particularly the look-alike plastic imitations with

small, wobbly tails that vibrate enticingly during a slow retrieve.

Outfits for casting the lightweight soft plastics need to be very flexible. Some of the leadheads weigh only a few grams.

Best baits for black bream are whole river prawn on a bait-holder hook. A cube of bony herring is

another top bait and worm baits have their fans.

Rigs are simple: no sinker, or a small ball to aid casting, a little swivel to stop a running sinker, about 30cm of 7kg nylon for a leader, then your hook.

Look for snags, jetties and mussel banks. Bream hang around snags for shelter but move onto banks and near weed to feed on worms, mussels and shrimp.

In the hotter months, look for bream in water above the Causeway. During winter, try around boat

clubs and jetties down river as far as Mosman Bay.

Parts of the river from East Perth to Garratt Rd Bridge are year-round fisheries.

Early morning and evening make good times to try for bream; so, too, any change of tide.

Other popular species in the Swan/Canning estuary system include mulloway. Some massive

creatures have been taken by fishers prepared to put in heaps of time.

The Narrows is a top spot to try, as is Mosman Bay, with September-January the best time.

While flathead are caught as far upstream as Guildford, they’re in greater numbers in lower

parts, where fly fishers, lure tossers and bait soakers score best in summer.

An occasional flounder is a bonus.

Yellowfin whiting are scarce, but East Fremantle is a hot spot and blood worms an essential bait.

Tailor are heaps of fun to catch and choppers can be tempted by baits, lures and fly, from about

Maylands to Fremantle.

Some anglers troll pilchard baits, while others use lures. Also on the menu
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Big ship engine start
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Fusion has announced the launch of the revolutionary Apollo Series marine audio entertainment system. Building on Fusion’s industry recognised True-Marine design philosophy, the new Apollo Series sets a new standard in marine audio systems.

The Fusion RA770 is the flagship of the new Apollo Series, epitomising creative design and technological brilliance. The world’s first purpose-built marine entertainment system with a one-piece glass touchscreen display, built-in Wi-Fi streaming, Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP) and PartyBus capabilities, the RA770 takes marine audio entertainment to the next level.

Featuring a brilliant, optically bonded, full-colour LCD display, the RA770’s one-piece glass touchscreen makes trying to locate the correct button a thing of the past. Users can simply tap the screen to pause and play, or swipe through a playlist to find their favourite song. The Fusion Apollo Series also includes the SRX400, delivering a truly powerful feature set in a compact versatile form factor. Like the RA770, the SRX400 offers Wi-Fi streaming, DSP and PartyBus functionality.

For the pinnacle of sound quality, the Apollo Series harnesses the power of Fusion DSP, providing premium audio delivery to all speakers in any environment. Fusion’s system approach ensures every step of the audio chain is optimized through calculations by its audio engineers to deliver a technically superior listening experience – without the need for boat owners to have a technical understanding.

PartyBus is Fusion’s audio distribution network of the future. Engineered for those who value freedom of musical choice, to play what they want, where they want. PartyBus gives boaters the power to command the party across the whole boat or quietly relax in a single cabin, regardless of others’ preferences. Offering more source options than ever before, the Apollo RA770 offers users the ability to play their favorite soundtrack via Bluetooth, Optical Audio (TV), Advanced SiriusXM features (USA only), DAB+ ready (available in Europe and Australia only), AM/FM radio, AUX and USB. The world’s first marine Wi-Fi stereo, users can finally stream music from a mobile device via Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), providing the highest quality audio streaming available. With the built-in Wi-Fi, the Apollo series can also wirelessly connect multiple Apollo stereos without running any cables, reducing installation time, cost and complexity.

The FUSION Apollo RA770 and SRX400 feature a 4.3-inch and 2.7-inch display, respectively, are IPx7 rated for dust and water protection from the front when installed correctly, and include an internal Class-D amplifier. The RA770 has two RCA auxiliary inputs, one SPDIF port for TV audio output, one Ethernet port, one USB 2.0 port for phone charging and media playback, one SiriusXM port, one Motorola antenna connector port and it is DAB+ ready. The SRX400 has one Ethernet port and one Motorola antenna connector port. Both devices offer multi-language support and include English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian settings.
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Quintrex Tridents for NZ Boat Show
Auckland Marine Centre, importers for Quintrex alloy boats, will be showing the very latest 650 and 690 Trident Hardtops at the NZ Hutchwilco Boat Show.

Trident Plate Boats are Quintrex's first range of offshore fishing models to feature the Millennium Blade Hull constructed from tough 5mm plate bottom sheets.

Available as a 610, 650 and 690, the Trident is built to combat the unpredictable conditions of the open water. The 650 Hard Top and 690 Hard Top models are the latest to join the six-strong fleet.

The 690 has an overall length of 7.08m and bean of 2.48m, while the 650 is a little shorter at 6.69m but carries the same beam. Both boats are packed with standard features and have big option lists if you want to spec things up.
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