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My number 1 favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot. Order anything, you can't go wrong.
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It took 35 min to be served cold coffee! I do not think I have ever had all four parties at the table get their meal wrong. And the restaurant was dirty. Even the manager bypassed our table when he was walking around.
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What happened to this place? I took my Liberty in for a traction light problem which is covered by my Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. First they said it was a bad battery and I had to put in a new battery before they could continue working on it. They wanted $110 diag fee plus $320 for a battery! The battery was fairly new and still under a warranty so I picked up the car to get it replaced. When that did not fix it and I returned for Tate to keep working on it they tried to get me to pay a second diag fee. Mind you, I had made sure before I picked it up that I would not have to pay it again. Then they told me that my MBI was not paying their full rate and I needed to pay them an extra $110 to cover that difference or the mechanic would not get paid! What kind of company tries to guilt a customer into paying more than they are suppose to or their employee will not get paid. I have a $250 deductible and if they need more money they should go back to my MBI and get it from them. They knew the phone number to my MBI by heart so they knew when I set up my appointment how they operated and what they pay. All I got was a bunch of lies trying to get me to pay extra money to help their bottom line. They did not lose one customer but three since I own three Jeeps.
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Quality: Poor - FairAppeal: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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