Agents are asking about the "Powercube" here's a small hint.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: In a different century, I would be shouting Eureka. 
I have successfully stabilized the formula for XM containment
and see no reason why I could not build a prototype 'powercube' within days.
Sent at 10:08 PM on Friday
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Zeke: v. good news. 
any deployment risks I need to be aware of?
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: Only that intelligence will be heightened exponentially. 
I suspect that others will have epiphanies at the same rates that I have..
Zeke: ok.
that worries me. 
While you seem to have no neg. side effects, others might react differently.
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: Do you want me to hold off the deployment?
Zeke: no.
Keep working.
keep me apprised of your progress.
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: Will do.
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