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Enabling, Empowering and Enriching individual consumers by leveraging the power of groups
Enabling, Empowering and Enriching individual consumers by leveraging the power of groups

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Enabling, Empowering. Enriching!
These three words sum up i-parley and its value creation process. 
i-parley is process driven, technology enabled portal facilitating collaboration amongst consumers with similar or specific buying interests, the aggregation of their purchasing power, and with negotiations  and deal closure between consumers and the merchant dealers, suppliers or builders.
Significantly better terms and savings for the consumer
Higher sale volumes and revenues to the merchant's primary business category and process focus includes:
*High cost life-time assets such as residential or commercial property 
*Complement property with major life conveniences such as autos or    high-end electronics, appliances, furnishing
*Target individuals with these buying interests
*Enable such individuals to form cohorts online with specific buying intent, and commit
*Facilitate merchants to bid online for their business
*Ensure risk free payments, smooth contract closures

i-parley portal enables:
*Audience targeting-within the portal & externally 
*Membership registration and  profiles with buying interests
*Capturing of buying interests with time horizons
*Member deal launches, joining or bidding
*Collaboration between consumers
*Aggregation of demand and funds
*Negotiations and closure

To a Consumer i-parley offers:
*Lowest or best prices for the product
*Potentially better terms
*Significant, tangible savings
*Excellent platform to further negotiate on options
*Escrow services for risk free payments 
*Access to all discussions / agreements
*Automated alerts for any changes
*Start to Finish assistance of i-parley team 

To a Merchant i-parley offers:
*Targeted, ‘funneled’ sales channel
*Predictable sales volumes and revenues
*Higher revenue per sale, lower cost-of-sale
*Ability to sell options
*Assured payments, contract adherence 
*Access to relevant discussions and agreements
*Automated alerts for any changes
*Bid to Contract assistance of i-parley team

i-parley's geo, beta and market focus is:
*India followed by USA
*Industry focus - Real Estate, Automobile, High End Consumer Durables and Electronics
*Beta launch - Bangalore and  southern markets, followed by niche markets in USA
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