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Are you guys ready to get back into cooking?
Because I sure am! After a long hiatus I've returned with some excellent news: as of this summer, I will be enrolled in culinary school ! It's time to cook with the big kids now. This will become the perfect catalyst for creating my own style of cooking, th...

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Turkey Burgers!
I love how fun and convenient burgers are, but I've never really enjoyed beef. Instead, I make my burgers out of a pound of lean and delicious ground turkey meat. It draws together the flavors of any spices you add! You can seriously get creative with these...

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Fluffy Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread
I recently discovered that I'm gluten-intolerant and I should try to watch the amount of wheat that enters my diet. I looked at the prices of gluten-free bread loaves at the grocery store and I was absolutely baffled. $6-7 for one loaf of bread? There was n...

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Real Tuna Casserole
If you've ever flipped through a church sponsored cookbook, then you have probably seen the most basic tuna casserole recipe of all time: two cans of cream of mushroom soup, two cans of tuna, and some egg noodles.  That recipe is easy. That recipe is also b...

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