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On Tuesday November 6, 2012 I made a visit to this pet store to see if there were any pet crates for sale. Once in the store I noticed some pets to the right of the entrance so curiously I headed that way take a look. What I saw was very disturbing. A vast number of parrots were showing obvious signs of illness, including but not limited to, feather plucking, puffed up feathers, eyes half way closed or closed for most of the time, poorly preened feathers, tail bobbing and open mouth breathing. One large green parrot was especially lethargic. I looked to the bottom of it's cage and to my horror saw what looked like an inch of feces dried to the bottom. Due to the amount, it was clear it had been there for a long time.This large green parrot also did not have more than one perch. Birds forced to sit on one perch size only, suffer severe pain and eventually can get permanent damage to the talons. There were few birds that didn't look sick and the ones that weren't were not secluded from the sick ones. I was especially concerned for a baby African grey right next to a cage over-packed with ill birds. Baby birds are especially defenseless against transmittable bird illness! There was also a healthy in appearance Quaker marked as sold in the row of cages below the packed cage of sick birds. What an upset feeling this owner would have if a week down the road the Quaker began exhibiting signs of illness of a transmittable bird disease! Birds go down hill fast once sick and I can be certain many of them will die if not given immediate care from an avian veterinarian! Many birds were also lacking what they needed to sustain their basic needs. This includes toys to chew. Without these toys, the parrots will suffer anxiety, depression and boredom leading to feather plucking which is bad for their physical health as well as their mental state. The animal neglect I saw really saddened me. Needless to say, I left the store without the cat crates I had came for and headed to another store. 
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