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Umm. Hi.
Umm. Hi.

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Facebook is annoying me, I'm just venting over here where it's nice and quiet.

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Next Foliage Pass: Flowers
With my grass finalized, I started work on creating more variety in the foliage.  I've so far added small white flowers, long stemmed blue flowers, weeds, and clovers.  I plan on creating a bush or two to break up the field even more.  Here is the current s...

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Third Grass Pass
This won't be too in depth of a post, but here's my next pass on grass.  I wanted it to look more natural and wild.  My most recent version of grass had variety, but it was still too even.  I went with thinner and taller blades with a more realistic feel.  ...

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Grass Creation
The next thing I started to tackle in my scene was grass. It was something that easily gives life to a barren environment. I started by modeling out the blades of grass for my texture. I baked out the texture similar to what I did for the branch, and I ap...

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CryEngine Monastery Scene
So!  FuturePoly was an amazing experience.  Not working on environments for so long really had me rusty.  Even with the lumberjill project I worked on, the process was more time consuming than it should have been.  The 3D modeling class really opened up the...
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