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Posted on behalf of my friend:

NDG4JE: Please immediately undo the Google Plus suspension & now corruption of and let the account holder know, foremost as none of this damage ever should have happened, as it's due to long series of mistakes by Google.
NDG6M7:  Here's the background in chronological order:
NDG6MF: For years the account holder had a Google Profile which worked fine, and in which he used the name which most people know him by; indeed he was so pleased with Google profiles, he prompted them best web profile and encouraged others to set one up as well.
NDG6MM:  Then about 1.5 years ago he did what turned to be a horrible misdirection by Google: at your (Google's) strong recommendation, including per your pioneering names policy (which allows non-legal names as long as it is a name which others know the person by --indeed a policy which had him pick you Google Plus and NOT Facebook), he then "upgraded" his Google profile to Google Plus --a terrible change, done by your direction & encouragement, as then it has resulted in, for all time since, his profile by you not displayed and instead often wrongfully defaming him, plus his Google Plus unusable, and not undo-able by him, only you, which you did not do. As:
NDG6N2:  Then both your auto-system and then your human appeals-rep very incorrectly determined the name on his profile violated your names policy, so then incorrectly suspended his profile preventing it to display at all --well except for the message ~"This profile has been suspended for terms of service violations" which then also defamed him (as a serious terms-of-service violator) to all his viewers (and when in fact he he was in full compliance and indeed had been a promoter).
NDG7S9:  So until you fixed this, to fix it himself, he did all he could:
NDG6NM:  he then made and distributed for himself a new master web profile link , which then (and still does) redirect to prior (last known working) version of his Google Profile (until Google fixed this, which still never happened), a link which he still uses today, but:
NDG7OU:  that his current "temporary" profile is just a backup of his last working profile (which he fortunately had made before making this your recommended "upgrade") and is extremely slow to load (due to the extreme difficulty of archiving the new Google Profile format) and and nearly impossible to update
NDG7PQ:  and still anyone (of hundreds) adding him his email to Google/Gmail contacts would-be/were still redirected to the suspension defaming him.
NDG6O7:  and he still wasn't (indeed never was) able to at all use Google Plus, ironically & tragically even though he's been been our county's big promoter of Android developers & Google I/O, possibly our leading one, plus a promoter of other Google technologies.
NDG6OL:  he also started two public discussion posts on the mater plus tried every known means to contact you, and I've tried to contact you, but you only allowed support contact via Google Plus (a catch 22) and have no email & phone # to reach you and from the ones I found fro him for Google support in general he got no reply.
NDG6QM:  Then later when tried again, your system corrupted the Google Plus feature on his profile so now he could not even login to it (so as to contact you to again as {to appeal } or even request your Plus feature be undone)-- leaving only the wrongful suspension message continuing to defame him.
NDG6R2: And now, after all that, you've even reversed your policy and apologized to the world (an article which fairly accurately describes the these wrongs Google did to him, and many many more), but Google has still left his account suspended and corrupted.
NDG6S9:  As you and anybody should have done for anyone the moment you/they decided to start doing something which could have been (and was) damage against someone, provide some reasonable means for him to discuss this with you.
NDG6T7:  Also please also contact him with updates and Qs.
NDG6TU: A substantial apology from you to him would also be appropriate.

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Little bit of 80s music is free on Google Play right now. 

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BIG PROBLEM -- How does one get help with Google Plus without a Google Plus account? My friend is unable to create a G+ account due to bugs in Google software (believe it or not) and thus can't get support here. Google has apparently refused to communicate via any other channel, leaving him no way to get help. Thus I am stuck posting on his behalf.

He is documenting the problems, if you're interested. Start here:

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It's 10pm, must be time for breakfast! 

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It's thanksgiving .. thank you, o lord, for pocket-sized video games.
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