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Are you full of Cr@#p? Step one to Healthy Living: Robust Digestion
In order to produce heart beat, breaths, energy in the form
of ATP (the list goes on) our body is constantly producing waste, toxic waste*.  Good news, our bodies are also constantly eliminating
this waste.  as long as Good In = Bad out
all is well and we a...

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Eating a healthy diet, exercising and still not losing weight?
We have always known that stress leads to weight grain, and at the very least inability to lose weight.  Knowing that cortisol  is our body's 'stress hormone' it has taken a big part of the blame so far, but now we can add another stress hormone to the list...

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No Fish Oil or Green Leafy Vegetables?!!
  A patient came to see me today who has metabolic syndrome, the whole
gamut of high waist: hip ratio, high blood pressure, fatty liver and
diabetes.  She told me she had seen a dietitian who told her to avoid
fats – including omega 3 FISH OIL, and to not h...

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Grand Opening

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Brain Plasticity and Deep Meditation / Mindfulness
Countless studies
are now showing us, that through mental training the brain can permanently be altered,
a process now referred to as top-down plasticity (Begley, 2007). Since my
undergraduate work was in Genetics and Molecular biology, I have

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Sick Fat - The link between gut health, inflammation and metabolic challenges
Consider for a moment – your fat.   The fat around your belly, thighs, breasts, arms – this is not inert, benign tissue, this is a function organ, influencing your endocrine and immune system. Which fat is the most problematic?   Let’s have a look at each k...

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Cash Smart Kids
  On the way home from camping last summer we
stopped and bought the kids a treat to tide them over until we got home.   My daughter threw her arms around me and said
“thank you thank you for buy me a treat mommy, thank you for paying for it and
not making ...

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