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“I have in my own stuff wobbled back and forth between saying the linguistic turn and/or analytic philosophy was a great step forward, and saying, ah, no, it was just sort of, you know, Kant warmed over, with language stuck in place of consciousness/experience/thought, and we had to go through the same dialectic only doing it in terms of language, and you know, did we, you know, did we really get anywhere we hadn’t been before?”
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Quee Nelson

Discussion  - Roy Sorensen (left) and Michael Weisberg (right) on idealization and scientific realism. Idealization is the intentional introduction of distortion into scientific theories. If science aims at the truth, as scientific realists believe, then why are scientific ...
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 Quite interesting!
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Quee Nelson

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This looks really interesting - thanks for sharing!
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This one's great.   (I have to say, if there's anything wrong or surprising in Christensen's -- "minority"? -- position, I'm missing it.   The distinction between evidence and "higher order" evidence seems spurious.  It's all evidence...) David Christensen (left) and Roy Sorensen (right) on the epistemology of disagreement. Christensen is a prominent defender of conciliationism, the view that you ought to give the same weight to the opinions of your epistemic peers as to your own opinions.
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Quee Nelson

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“The Slightest Philosophy is an amazing, liberating book that deserves a wide audience. Quee Nelson is a realist in both senses of the term. With verve and wit that cannot be found within Philosophy departments, and with sound learning as well, she has made stone kicking both intellectually respectable and fun.” —Frederick C. Crews, editor of The Norton Anthology of American Literature, author of Postmodern Pooh, Unauthorized Freud, and Follies of the Wise
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