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Well, damn.
"If Google itself can’t come up with a better experience for its own social network on the latest version of its own mobile operating system, why should any other company be going above and beyond?"

Does anyone know whether Apple is likely to reject an iBooks textbook for having foul language on the cover? The title in question: "Nice Guys Finish Last: A Handbook For The Compleat Asshole"

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I have $2,335,768,269,000.00+ to my name as of 01/18/2012. What can you and I together do to increase that number and cut you in for a part of it?

Got a writing project? Fiction? Nonfiction? Editing? I can handle it all, so hit me up!!

If you're for a government that knows its place, vote Libertarian. Spend taxpayers' dollars on ONLY what the Federal and state governments absolutely MUST do. That's tangible infrastructure like roads and transportation routes, CIVIL (as in, our troops are at our BORDERS) defense and public park maintenance. No foreign busybody work. NO war on drugs -- decriminalize all drugs, then tax and regulate 'em like alcohol and tobacco. REDUCE taxes on alcohol and tobacco to even it out. Then get the government out of marriage -- ALL marriages -- and put the Feds back into their Constitutionally-defined tiny box. THAT is how you fix this country.

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The only Android-based device I would even consider would be an Android-based reader like the NookColor or Kindle Fire. No camera. No GPS. Just the ability to purchase and read books with a touch interface. In fact, if the input on the Kindle Touch is responsive and accurate, I'll still forego the Android-based version.

Sometimes it just don't pay to get up in the morning. :(

That's why I get up in the afternoon! :D

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Damn front. Always falling off.
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