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John Goerzen
Author, Programmer, Amateur Radio Operator, Dad, Kansan
Author, Programmer, Amateur Radio Operator, Dad, Kansan

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NY Times ALSO reported that "Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison". That's as chilling as anything

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My #Renegade #BBS image on #Docker using #QEMU and #FreeDOS! Telnet-enabled and everything!

Managed to get a #FreeDOS VM under #QEMU to mount a #Samba filesystem from the host in Docker. Bwahahaha.

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It seems to be incredibly difficult to keep the contents of #Docker containers secure.

It's really important to understand the truth behind the misleading 10% insurance premium cut claim from the GOP:

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Reflections on Trump and the rural electorate:

I surprised my kids with a geeky present, and wound up singing a karoke duet with my 7-yr-old. Fun times!

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I take the boys to the old maps at the library & museum. Delight ensues, encouraged by 100-yr-old concrete arrows.

I have just discovered That ought to keep me busy for awhile. Yay for 1930s road & aeronautical charts!
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