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Richard Orelup
Time for a change. Not sure what I want here just yet. :)
Time for a change. Not sure what I want here just yet. :)

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People still use Google+ ?  :)

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Finally got into a beta I signed up for back in April and don't even remember what the service is. Oh well time to play with my new beta Firebase account.

I have to laugh when marketing experts describe a cookie as a "small piece of software downloaded to your computer." Not even close.

Raspberry Pi now working with wireless.  Had to put the wifi dongle on one of the Pi's ports and not off a powered USB hub like others suggested.  Though that will be nice so can use it headless like this without the extra hub, though I'm using the hub to power it right now.  This is posted from it.  :)

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Here is the technical paper I wrote up about our Groupwise to Google Apps migration we did here at Valparaiso University.  Enjoy.

So just got done playing 2 games of Quartex with Jenelle and she whooped my ass big time in both games.  Doesn't she know she's suppose to let me win.

While others do more interesting things with there spare time, I just finally finished writing a technical walkthrough of our recent Groupwise to Google migration.  Yeah I'm that kind of loser.

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