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After 5 years away, we're getting close to a re-launch and a new issue. We have a big Sword Art Online feature, hitting everything SAO from the light novels to the latest, The Movie: Ordinal Scale. We'll also have reviews of Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!!, Toradora!, Elfen Lied and Gurren Lagann! #ataComeBack #sao #swordartonline #gonnabethetwintail #toradora #elfenlied #gurrenlagann #atanime

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Alrighty everyone. After nearly 7 years, we're finally back! Please go check out the new issue.

We have reviews of the old and the new. New anime reviews include First Squad: The Moment of Truth and Redline. Our RetroAnime reviews include Ghost Stories and Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, and a video game classic, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. We have another Top Whatever list for anime newbies looking for suggestions on what to watch. And in the letter from the editor, Tim explains where we've been for the last 7 years.

Go check it out! Thanks for reading! :)

Getting close. I have one and a half reviews to finish up and then I need to finish up my editor rant. Everything else is pretty much done. I'm liking the new design too. Should hopefully have the new issue up soonly. :)

Thanks to everyone for the patience. It's been a rough road to get back to this point, so it'll be good to have things going again.

Not that much of anyone is looking... but a new issue is in the works. First new issue in almost 6 years. Yes, it's been a rough time out there for me. (And a lot of the rest of the anime and manga industry too.) I'm determined to get this one out this time. Actually have some new anime to review too. Should be good.
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