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Brutto ma buono!

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This is security's 101, but how many are following this fundamental rule?
You can make your Windows PC a lot more secure simply by changing one little setting.

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Northern Hemisphere, Rejoice!

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This is making me mad...

Windows Server 2012 (virtual) running on VMWare. The server has a 100GB disk. But if I use Explorer to check file and folder size, I get 140GB!!!

There are several copies of two File Maker 15 databases which make up for the 140GB. Each copy is uncompressed and its logical size is equal to its disk size.

Things I checked:

-there are no reparse point of any kind
-there are no sparse files
-there is no compression in use
-deduplication is not enabled
-chkdsk reports no error

104854527 KB total disk space.
103797908 KB in 80 files.
40 KB in 60 indexes.
0 KB in bad sectors.
69407 KB in use by the system.
65536 KB occupied by the log file.
987172 KB available on disk.

4096 bytes in each allocation unit.
26213631 total allocation units on disk.
246793 allocation units available on disk.

To make things stranger: I tried to delete two of the File Maker backup databases (about 20GB), and the free space on disk remained unchanged...

I've banged my head on the wall for 2+ hours, and I cannot find the reason of what's happening.

Even if Server 2012's Explorer was reporting wrong sizes, why deleting 20GB of data would left the free space size unchanged???

Any idea?

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Best if left uncommented...

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Should we get ready to say "Bye Bye" to Location in G+?

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Read or not: Read!

Rating: 9

Believe or not, considering how famous and read he is, but in my late 40s this series has been my first encounter with Stephen King... And it has been shocking... Shockingly good, I mean.

I've read it last summer, during the holidays, while in total relax. So this could explain, in part, why I liked it so much. But only in part.

The truth is that I know, for sure, that I will never forget these books, and their characters. They are so vividly depicted, they are so live, that I'll never forget about them, as if I had known them in person.

You can't say such a thing of many books, and that is the reason why I rate The Dark Tower so high. Even if the plot is a bit chaotic. Even if King becomes showy here and there. Even if some twists are too heavily forced. Group all the minuses together, and they still won't be enough to counter the vital force of the Gunslinger and his companions.

Not to talk about the ending of the series, which will leave you speechless in its perfection.

If you think that a cowboy and a train which loves riddles can't fit in a fantasy story, do yourself a favor and have yourself proven totally wrong by this masterpiece!

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Read or not: Read

Rating: 8

The books from Le Guin are little gems that I discovered only recently. As was the case with Mistborn, I had some preconception against them, which has kept me away from them for a lot of time. As was the case with Mistborn, luckily, when I eventually decided to read them I unearthed some delightful novels, and my preconceptions istantly turned into love.

If there is something negative to say about these books is that they are too short. Other than that, they vastly deserve the place they have in every "Greatest Fantasy Hits" you can find on the net.

And if you like them, consider reading the "science fiction" books from Le Guin, as well. Though they are mostly "fiction", with maybe 0.1% of "science", they are captivating and very insteresting.

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Read or not: Read!

Rating: 9 1/2

As a rule, I never rate anything to its maximum. Otherwise, I would have rated this series 20, or more! I don't want to say that it's perfect, but it IS perfect for me!

This is not only fantasy. It's a drama, which almost by chance happens to be situated in a foreign world, where, guess what, there is also magic, and there are dragons. But it's not only fantasy.

Instead of the single POV used in the Farseer's trilogy, here are multiple POVs from many characters, which you come to know (and love) more and more through 5 wonderful volumes. Like in Farseer's, the plot develop slowly at first, to become breathtaking after the first half of the saga.
The style is, IMHO, wonderful. I read the fifth volume in English, and I really enjoyed it.

Again, I'm not saying that these are THE perfect fantasy books, but they are an absolute must read if you want to call yourself a fantasy lover.

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Read or not: Absolutely read

Rating: 9

I love Robin Hobb. I DO love her. The style, the ability to define each of the characters, the dialogues, the settings. Her books are not fast paced, they are actually a bit slow, but the slowness is masterfully used to give depth and humanity to the protagonists, and to slowly load the springs and the mechanisms which will unleash in the final chapters of each series, in a captivating crescendo of happenings.

And what to say about the charm of the Apprentice and of his memorable companion, the Fool? They are two guys that you won't ever forget.

Luckily a third trilogy about the Apprentice and the Fool is almost done (only the third volume is missing) and the only reason I have not yet read the first two volumes is that I can't even think about reading a story with the Fool and having to stop along the way! 

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Read or not: Read if you like Shannara

Rating: 7

This is very vanilla fantasy. Like Shannara, this books are written to be read easily, without any pretense to be masterpiece.
I enjoyed reading them for their capacity to give me an hour of evasion now and then. I wasn't looking for anything more, so that fit perfectly with my expectations.

I've read the first 4 volumes, the 5th is not available in Italian yet. But I'll read it!
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