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Welcome to Qayaas
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May 13th the Season Begins !
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L0ve u bro0 u just had gone Aalaa at coke studio ... Love the way you make the song notes when u go higher ... <3
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Qayaas Winners of JD Award for the best rock band 2010)

Qayaas literally translated as “deliberation” is not only the name of our band but the essence that encapsulates the entire philosophy behind our music.  The idea or feeling taking birth in one band member’s mind is developed and brought to fruition by collective deliberation or Qayaas by the whole band. Five different people, their different moods, outlooks and music philosophies harmoniously blend
to form compositions that reflect the true spirit and creative energy of our band; unadulterated in this wondrous journey by commercial concerns or other shortcuts.

Our music tends to explore emotions, specific moments, certain relationships and particular events which resonate powerfully as we try to understand ourselves and the world around us. We do not aim to have a large body of musical compositions but only put through quality pieces governed by unique ideas and techniques. Each melody is a different journey, starting with something personal and then refining it to create a certain mood. As a whole, Qayaas is an accumulation of musicians from quite diverse backgrounds. All members have been, and still are, part of various other projects that serve as a vent for musical expression.

The idea of Qayaas originated after guitarist Khurram Waqar saw Umair jam with his previous band in his studio and invited him to work on material that he had written. What started out initially as an acoustic EP turned into a full blown album. When Fifu and Sherry who were already in a band ‘kNuMB’ with Khurram joined in, “Qayaas” was born. Sarmad Ghafoor who was an old friend of Fifu and Khurram joined in later when he was invited by them to come and listen to the album. He loved the material and became a part of Qayaas. Khurram and Sarmad then worked together to complete the audio production of the album which was released on April 16, 2011 in Pakistan in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot and Karachi. The album can also be bought online on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and Napster.

The most important thing about the album is that it has been recorded and produced completely by the band. This is at par with any international recording with attention being paid to ever minute little detail. Every single song has been mixed and mastered as per the overall feel and vibe of the song.

We have recently won the JD Award for the best rock band from Pakistan 2010. The awards were hosted by Jack Daniels and Rolling Stones Magazine,India. We performed in New Delhi at The Hard Rock Cafe on December 16, 2010 for the JD Rock Awards Tour in front of a packed 800 crowd.

We are the first band from Pakistan to be invited to come and perform at one of the biggest and most prestigious  Music Festivals in USA called SXSW (South By Southwest) which takes place every year in Austin, Texas.

Our song “Inquilaab” recently made it to the Semi Finals of International Songwriting Competition (ISC) out of 15,000 entries from all over the globe.

We were the most played band with our song “Mera Wana“ on the METAL ASIA COMPILATION 2010 which included all Asian metal bands.

Our songs “Inquilaab” and “Pal” have been chosen as the soundtrack for an upcoming movie “Waar”. The movie is being produced my Mindworks Media.

Our song “Mera Wana” will be used in the soundtrack of another upcoming movie “Peochar” by Mindworks Media.

We have so far released 4 music videos “Tanha”, "Pukaar", "Umeed" and "Shehrezade" which are currently doing the rounds on the Pakistan music channels namely MTV, Aag, ARY Musik, Oxygene and Play TV.  We are in the process of releasing more singles and videos.

Qayaas is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and consists of:

Umair Jaswal: Lead Vocals.
Khurram Waqar:Guitars, Arrangement & Audio Production.
Sarmad Abdul Ghafoor: Guitars & Audio Production.
Shaheryar Ghayas: Bass Guitar.
Salman Rafique: Drums/Percussions.
Represented by their Publicist  Eva Dowd