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+Sean Nittner Question about shipping: standard editions are shipping independently of deluxe copies for us gluttonous souls who got both, right?

I'm camping out by the mailbox, anxiously awaiting my standard editions, and will be mightily disappointed if they're being held up for the printing of the fancypants version.

Sorry if this has already been addressed, I swear I looked before asking.

Will it be possible to get a physical copy of the book if I didn't already pledge for it?

I pledged in the KS at a lower, digital-only tier. Now that I've seen the quality of the product, and I've got my gaming group interested, I'd love to get a physical copy and maybe even the digital source material for remixing, like the Hacker pledge level. Is that an option?

Loving the game, especially now with the other crew types and new playbooks in the latest release. Excellent work, John!
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