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Web Design | Web Development | Social Media | Marketing

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"WebFact No.51 - Caching can cause a site not to update immediately, we have little control over it! #websitedesign #staffordshire"

"WebFact No.50 - Use actual content when designing sites, doing so can help hit those deadlines! #websitedesign #staffordshire"

"WebFact No.49 - White space is not wasted space, it actively helps users navigate around your page #websitedesign #staffordshire"

WebFact No.48 - Your homepage isn't neccessarily your most important page to spend all your time on #websitedesign #staffordshire

"WebFact No.47 - Content doesn't need to be 3 clicks away, so long your user knows where they are and why #websitedesign #staffordshire"

WebFact No.46 - Trust elements placed nearer to your call to action can boost engagement #websitedesign #staffordshire

WebFact No.45 - Physical location for the company and a proper telephone number builds online trust. #websitedesign #staffordshire

"WebFact No.44 - Put something called a SSL Certifcate, speak to your hosting company. google like it! #websitedesign #staffordshire"

WebFact No.42 - Consider having emails seperate from your hosting package. Use Office 365 for example. #websitedesign #staffordshire

WebFact No.41 - When picking images try and keep them all the same proportions #websitedesign #staffordshire
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