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I agree with you about American education. Here teachers give more opportunity to improve your creativity, and be more independent.In my country has same problem, no I don't want to say that in my country education is bad, just you should be very quite, sit like robot, don't move, don't eat even you going to die :D. I just studied in the U.S in language school and this my second place, if I will compare my first language school and the Harold Washington that I can say for sure that here is much better. I really enjoy to study here, this is very good experience in my life. I can say that I am really happy that I saw both system of education. Also, I would like to try in the future to study in another country. I don't know maybe you need to a little bit write more in conclusion. Anyway your essay was interesting and thank you for sharing with us your experience.  

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I read your essay when you posted it. Amazing essay. I loved, loved, and loved. I am sorry that you thing that you lost yourself. It is the very bad feeling, when you don't know who are you? I don't know which kind of advice will help to you because I have same feeling :(. I think that you are good writer because you could explain your feeling very interesting way. Thank you, really thank you. 

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Wow! Very interesting! I heard about Chinese new year, and I would like to see how you guys to celebrate. My sister-in-low married with Chinese guy, and she explained to me that this event is very important in Chine. Seems like you having a lot fun in this day. I hope that one day you will go to Chine to celebrate and enjoy with your relatives and friends.
Thank you for sharing with us.

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My Katya, Ekate, Ecaterina :),
Don't worry we can do interesting New Year for sure with small Christmas tree :D, and I think will be fun. I have same feelings here. However, you very like this country, it is the important thing. I need just a little time, and you will get your big house :). Don't forget invite me there sometimes ;).
Thank you for sharing your feeling.

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Good evening a little Princess,

It is very sad. I really want to live here, but your writing made me think again about my plans. I need to once again review whole my plans about my family and my future in the U.S. I think most people lost here most important thing in their life. I like your essay. It was good to know about your experiences here.
Thank you

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Hello Darling,
Thank you for sharing with us your story. I think for everyone be in the U.S is very difficult. Also, I wanted say about our classmates, maybe for some students difficult to make a new friend or start first a conversation. I think we need to organize something with our classmates :). Lets do that. 

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Hi Jose,
I like learn a little bit about your country's culture, and it is very interesting because in the same day my birthday. I think I need to go to visit your country in that day. It will be funny. Also, seems your cuisine is very delicious. Your essay was very interesting. Thank you.

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Hey Trang,
 I loved your title, it is interesting :D. I can totally understand you. It is very difficult to be far from your family and culture. However, you are intrigued me in your story about coffee. I would like to try Vietnamese coffee. I really want to learn more about your culture.
Thank you for sharing with us your feeling.
:) Zalina

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Dear Weihao,
I read your essay and seems like you or your family have a very negative thoughts about nightlife in Chicago. Chicago is very good place for do any kind of fun things. First, Just relax! Don't be afraid never because tomorrow you never can return today. If you need go to walk or to do some funny things just let me know, I will do that with pleasure. I liked your essay. Good job!
Don't worry, be happy ;)
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