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Doctors always require their own work. (think of it as a second opinion, which many people get by going to a second doctor or specialist.) Especially when the "recent" blood work you had probably took two or so weeks to come back as is typical with any blood test especially since you said you paid $250 which means you're not using insurance, so therefore a new one is required by any doctor or ER you would visit. Any reputable doctor isn't going to go off of some blood work you ordered yourself after they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their education and years of their lives to become the person you go to when you're sick. They expect you to trust their opinion and if they require new blood work then you should go on their professional opinion. I see, as per your google page, you are an expressive arts therapist. So my question now is how many years did you spend on your medical education?
I'm sure they were very willing to help you as they are healthcare professionals. And I believe you mean you "Couldn't care less", as saying that you "could care less" implies that you care a little bit about them even now. When you couldn't care less means you think as little as possible of them.
Also CareNow is a privately owned company and not a large corporation as you speak of.
My mother has been a nurse all my life and I know the people that she has to deal with (such as you), who are expecting miracles of modern medicine from family doctor type places like CareNow. They are not a hospital and don't have equipment to do blood work on-site.
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