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SivaKumar AVKD
Product Management enthusiast, Technical savy, Lord Shiva devotee
Product Management enthusiast, Technical savy, Lord Shiva devotee

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Android is making its way into Consumer Electronics - Refrigerators, Rice Cookers, Car stereo systems

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Your Work Stress Isn't Your Boss's Fault - Do you agree?

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ADP's New Integrated Talent Management Solution

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Google Acquires Meebo

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Whats next for social media - Performance Management ??

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Google’s Chrome web browser just passed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the most-used browser in the world, says the latest data from a digital analytics service.

Although Chrome has edged out IE before for short periods, the last week marks the first time Chrome was the No. 1 browser for a sustained period of one week. Exactly 31.88% of the world’s web traffic was done on Chrome, according to StatCounter, while IE is a close second at 31.47%.

For more analysis:

Why did Chrome win?

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BDA vs SaaS - interesting !! #yam

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Social media marketing cheatsheet

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Google + Hangouts on Air Worldwide !!!
We've launched Hangouts On Air worldwide!
(worth capitalizing!)

a HUGE thanks to all the hangouts on air users to date who have helped us improve this feature and prepare us for today's worldwide release.

when we first envisioned on air, our vision was to enable this broadly to the public. watching the creativity and diversity for how you all have been using hangouts, i'm confident that you'll take hangouts on air to new heights. i can’t wait to see what you’ll do. we'll have to rename it “hangouts in space.” (and now you know why they don't let me near marketing).

go nuts. :)


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