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Check out +The Matrix RPG page (
Check out +The Matrix RPG page (

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Bloody #Cryptocurrency Market day... 5 days (cough cough)

If you have been looking at Cryptocurrency today you have probably noticed that people are losing lots of value.

This youtuber says a lot of what I am thinking at the moment. I am still happy about the market as a whole. I wish I had money to buy the coins I love at a "discount". Currently all I can do is hold my coins since I don't have money to invest.

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#Cryptography is a website that allows you to assert your identity online. It also has pgp encryption for messages.

I started using this to share some keys with people. You can find me here ( ).

Follow me there and I will follow you back.

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Dresden Files has a new RPG book out. I need to get caught up on this. I have the original Dresden Files RPG and I want this one too. Time to do my research. I am curious if they made improvements on the original game.

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#cryptocurrency contest. Easiest way to win $10. Open a Dash wallet. If you want to know how to open a wallet message me.

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Node.js 8 is out. I look forward to the even number releases of Node. Eventhough I load all the new releases the even number will have the LTS support which is what is important to me as a developer.

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#npm5 released

read more here. I am hearing news of another package manager yarn. I still need to compare the two.

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Check out Brave, a new web browser

The browser wars are over and I don't know who really won... We have more than one browser.

Brave is developed by the community as an open source project. One of the developers of Firefox has contributed to it also. I love the fact Brave tries to block some of the advertising that slows down my page load. Ads and web tracking increase my bandwidth without any benefits to me, the average user.

The latest thing that brought them to my attention was their use of the Etherium cryptocurrency. Etherium is being used to power their "Basic Attention Token (BAT)". BAT will give advertisers a way to market to me, if I opt into it. When browser users opt in they have the potential to earn some BAT with Brave. This sounds like a successful way to marry the needs of the marketing engine that pays for the world wide web and users need for privacy.

I am testing browser. If you have questions about BAT as it gets developed and rolled out please comment. As far as I know BAT doesn't exist yet. They will be developing it so there is a good year before you will see any way of using BAT in the browser. They only opened up their coin offering to start this project today, May 31, 2017.

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Big Bad Con 2017 kickstarter is open and ready for you! I just supported and loved my time from last year.

Maybe I'll see you there.

Location: California > San Francisco Bay Area > Walnut Creek (walkable from BART... I know cause I did... once)
And so it begins, the Big Bad Con kickstarter is on. We're doing so many awesome things this year: the scholarship, the outreach program to schools, adding a board games track, bringing out special guests, making a new home for Games on Demand. So much great stuff. Thank you in advance for all your support!

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I have studying digital money like BitCoin this year and I found this story recently. This falls under cloak & Dagger stuff, IMO.
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