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Croissance : infertile terreau des AAA
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Les applications mobiles ne sont qu’un moyen d’être présent sur les smartphones, et pas forcément le plus intéressant (les mobinautes ont d’autres priorités que de télécharger, installer et paramétrer des applications de marque). La mobilité n’est qu’une question de contexte, si vous n’êtes pas capable de satisfaire le besoin d’un mobinaute en 5 secondes, alors vous n’existez pas. Il convient d'étudier les assistants personnels comme Siri, Google Now ou Cortana qui sont en effet des points d’entrée tout à fait viables pour accéder à vos contenus et services.
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“The Rise of TypeScript?” => To not be affected by pre-processor language fatigue, it’s better to learn JavaScript.
Today it's a better move to learn ES6 and use a good post-processor than learn a new pre-processor that will be out of date.
And, by the way, if you really like google trend chart… 
#javascript   #typescript   #dart   #coffeescript

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Hello ! Je m'appelle Freddy, dévoreur de manga et développeur web. Je bosse pendant mon temps libre sur un site de gestion de mangathèque :

C'est très simple : on ajoute ses mangas dans sa collection et le planning des sorties se construit en fonction de cette collection. C'est très pratique pour suivre son planning d'un coup d'œil. (example: si on possède les tomes 1 à 10 de l'Attaque des Titans, le planning indique automatiquement que le tome 11 est déjà sortis et les dates de sortie des tomes 12 et 13)

Le site est gratuit et sans pub ! Voilà si ça vous intéresse je veux bien vos retours pour m'aider à améliorer le site et faire un peu de promotion. Je pense que le site peut intéresser tout fan de manga :)

Merci ;)

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Le reportage sur Aaron Swartz
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DevArt: Calling all future interactive artists

With 3 weeks to go, there's still time to enter DevArt. Last month, we opened up a call for the next up-and-coming developer artist, to be featured in the Barbican as part of the Digital Revolution exhibition, and seen by millions of people ( If you’re a future interactive artist, the window to submit a project to DevArt is now halfway through!

So far, we’ve seen some amazing ideas--like Les metamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, a poetic digital adventure which features a character that animates to match a spectator's moves ( Contact^2, which aims to spatially and acoustically map objects of different shapes sizes, with materials that will produce different sounds and possibilities for interaction ( 

In fact, within the first 24 hours of announcing the project, the DevArt template jumped to the 4th most popular repository on GitHub, and within the first week, the template had been forked over 1,000 times.

To get started all you need is an idea, a Github account and a browser to visit to show us what you would create. The contest period closes on March 28. From there, we’ll pick one creator whose work will sit alongside three of the world’s finest interactive artists who are also creating installations for DevArt: Karsten Schmidt, Zach Lieberman, and the duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet. The winning creative coder will also receive a budget of £25k and either a Chromebook Pixel or a ticket to Google I/O later this summer.  

If you had the chance to make your mark in today’s art world with technology as your canvas, what would you create? We’d like you to show us!
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People are complaining about Amazon monopoly on the internet but I've tried, this whole week, to buy several stuff without Amazon.

This is mostly impossible because most web site just suck. Not like "suck" but more like "suck-so-heavily-that-even-if-I-was-paid-I-would-not-buy-there".

So, first : 

1) Many companies are now aware of the power of blogs and send their items to bloggers for review. That's cute. But then ensure that the "buy link" of the blogger is not a dead link a couple of months after the post. Just saying.

2) Also ask the bloggers to give a precise model number. In case of deadlink and no model number, I had to use Google Images to find similar pictures which gave me the model of that thing I want to buy from you. Yes, I'm on a quest to give you money.

3) Now that I know what to buy, I type it into Google. I find a website that want to sell it to me. But for whatever reason, the webmaster has decided that you should always be redirected to the homepage when coming from Google. It means that you have to re-do the search on their internal search engine.

4) Which leads me to say that most internal search engine don't work. Period. Like in "Results are either 0 either the whole catalog". In fact it's all search engines. So I know a couple of websites that sell what I want but I've never been able to find it.

5) When finally arriving on the page of the item, I have an overlay asking me to subscribe to a mailing list or to check other item. Guess what : most of the time I don't even succeed into closing that overlay because of bad Javascript. One was so intrusive that I didn't even realized it was an overlay covering the item I was searching for.

6) Well, it's there. We are on it. But… wait… Where's the f.* buy button? Guess what? Most websites manage to hide it so well that I had to leave several occasion because I simply could not find it.

7) Oho! On that particular website, I could find it. So now, let's start the tedious new customer registration button. And now start the dumb and dumber game of "let-guess-what-stupid-constraints-the-webdesigner-wanted-to-implement". Several example : not recognizing my month of birth because I typed "3" and not "03", not recognizing my phone number because I put dot or space. I don't even talk about your password policy. If you have a password policy at all, then rot in hell.

8) Oh, surprize! We don't want you because we don't like your country. So you accept customers from France, Germany, Switzerland but not Belgium?

9) Aha! I was careful! I unclicked all those boxes saying that I agreed to be spammed and to see my data sold to all your evil partners. Remember that I want to give you money?

10) Now, I can order. Ok. This item is not available for delivery but is only available in our shop at 2000km from your home. You mean that I did all of that registration process for nothing? Why can't you just ask me before the registration?

11) I've finally ordered from your website 3 minutes ago and I've already received 5 mails asking me to subscribe to stuff, to join your club and telling me that I'm lucky, I will be spammed. Are you kidding me?

12) Now come the confirmation mail. I spot a mistake. It seems I ordered twice the same thing. I reply immediately asking to cancel my order. You tell me that it's not possible. I clicked like 10 minutes ago! Don't tell me you cannot just remove an item from the box.

And you know the wort of all? This week I've also been to a brick and mortar shop. And I've heard a customer complaining because the price was 20% more expensive than what was advertized on the website the day before. And 30% more expensive than on amazon. The answer of the seller was : "We update our website daily and amazon sucks, it's more confortable for you to come here with a real seller." (said on a very rude tone).

Conclusion : don't complain that I shop on Amazon, I've done everything I could to avoid it, I even tried to not care too much about the price. 
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