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I'm That One GM, you know the one...
I'm That One GM, you know the one...

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Hey! Just a reminder to folks that I am a professional copy editor and that I offer freelance editing services. In addition to my experience copy editing for a medical device company, I have done freelance editing for a half a dozen novels, nearly a dozen anthologies, an RPG supplement book, and probably a dozen one- to three-page RPG adventures.

I feel like there's some kind of taboo about talking about prices, but it seems silly not to be transparent. These are my style editing prices; I charge a bit less for basic proofreading and a bit more for developmental editing.
• For documents of ≤10,000 words, I charge $10 plus $0.012/word.
• For documents of 10,001–40,000 words, I charge $10 plus $0.011/word.
• For documents of 40,000–100,000 words, I charge $10 plus $0.010/word.
• For documents of 100,001 words or more, I prefer to discuss prices on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions (or if you'd like recommendations from previous clients), contact me at

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Do not forget this. Think of it the next time you see someone asking for help or using food stamps at the store. Think of it the next time you see a millionaire heir/heiress being lauded or a trust fund politician claiming that they pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps. Think of it the next time someone praises you for owning something expensive or the next time someone chides you for not having been to the movie theater lately.

Weird question: Is anyone interested in having their 200-word RPG turned into a one-page RPG? I'm futzing with a podcast about designing RPGs and I'm looking for some good starting material to work with. I know they're all CC licensed, but I'd still appreciate having folks' buy-in if possible. (It might also give me a place to start and at least one person who might listen.)

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I really enjoy the style of this map! Go check out the zine for more cool stuff like this.
Plundergrounds 1x! More Maps, Magic Items, & Monsters

This cool 9-page supplement of totally usable Dungeon World material is yours thanks to the Plundergrounds patrons! If you like it, think about supporting the zine and getting not only these extras, but a complete new issue every even month of 2017:

• A map of Ape City by Guillaume Jentey (previewed in a previous post)

• A map of Kazarak, before it's abandonment (below).

• The Shrine of Clangdongring, a dwarven shrine, spell, and artifact that first appeared in The Gauntlet, Codex-Iron. It's re-presented here with a new illustration by Guillaume Jentey

• A magical pipe, the smoking kind not the playing music kind

• d66 Dungeon Doors!

• Thought Drinkers, a new monster and an homage to D&D Thought Eaters

I thought I saw an entry about mecha pilots fighting the last battle of a war, but I can't find it. I saw a post about it before the competition officially began, I believe, and I'm wondering if the creator didn't end up submitting it.

Does anyone else remember this entry? Better yet, did anyone find it in the list? Best of all, is the creator here?

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Check out Route Clearance a (free) expanded and revised version of +Andy Millar s winning entry in the 2017 edition of the 200 Word RPG Challenge.

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In case you missed it, winners for the #200WordRPG Challenge have been announced, and the PDF Collection is available!

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This is a great opportunity to work in the RPG industry and get paid as a writer! I encourage anyone who is interested to check it out. I am probably going to do so myself.
I am looking to hire a new writer for a project currently in development.

Looking for someone with an interest in SF, in a variety like the comic Prophet. Preference for surrealism and tight writing, visually expressive. A touch of the weird and gonzo, but through an easy to grasp and follow (read: concise) writing style that is simple enough for an artist to be able to adapt without being lost in translation.

Project is a roleplaying game. Ability to develop game mechanics a plus but not a requirement.

Writing on the project should be functional: the product is meant to be used at the game table as a useful and visual guide. Verbosity is a hindrance.

The Pay:

In Search of Games pays $.10/word at an industry standard of 250 words per page, with a minimum guaranteed pay of $2,500 for this project.

In addition, we pay 25% in profit shares once the product is released.

If interested, email your interest to, with the subject "*SF WRITING INQUIRY 544*". Include your full name, any writing credentials, and a short (single paragraph or two) writing sample that fits the above details.

PLEASE NOTE: WRITING CREDENTIALS ARE NOT A REQUIREMENT. New writers with little or no experience are welcome.

Serious inquiries only.

Not familiar with In Search of Games? Download Santa is Dead (available as PWYW) for free from RPGNow:

...for an example of the quality of work we produce.

Thank you for your consideration.

Note: The attached image is from "Prophet" and is not directly related to this project. It is included simply as inspiration/reference.

+Juan Ochoa 
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