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12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working at a Gym
all thought working at a gym would be great at least once, especially in
college when we need some extra change and that gym down the road is hiring. What
better place for a single, young female to work? Through experience, I can name
quite a few. Bef...

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Why I'm Thankful for My Ex's 2 AM, Drunken, Break-up Call
I recently heard the quote “rain makes tree’s roots grow
deeper.” I jotted it down because it sounded neat but after a while it started
to linger in my head. Maybe because my ex boyfriend had just broken up with me
(if you could even consider it a break up)...

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Suit Yourself: Dressing Appropriately in the Workplace
It’s a Friday afternoon and you’ve just realized that you
forgot to hire a lawyer to defend your case from a car accident that occurred
days before. Today is the last day to do so, and without hesitation you throw
the kids in the back seat of your now beat ...

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By far one of my favorite shoots. Kaylynn and Arthur are lovely. 

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First Shoot Of December: Michael Bellow
Starting off the holidays with a Christmas shoot. Thank you Courtney for the privilege to take Michael's photos. Also, a very happy 2nd birthday to Michael Bellow. We had such a fun time celebrating at the park. It was definitely a toddlers paradise!

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November 26, 2014: Thanksgiving Shoot
Saturday was fun at a cousin filled photo shoot! Not to mention theres another one on the way. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

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The Gentleman Acts: The Difference Between a Boy and a Man
“Muscular? Check. Well groomed? Check. Wears suits? Double
check.” Guilty! This is the list that comes to my mind when I see what appears
to be a “real man” grabbing a cup of black coffee on his way to work. Admit it.
Every twenty-something year old girl th...

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September 21, 2014: The Goss Family Shoot
It's been a while but i'm finally back on the blog! Monday I had the opportunity to take photo's of Bentley, Abi and Jo Goss! They're a beautiful family. I'm so glad I was able to work with them. Below are some of the photos from their shoot! xx Shelby

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I loved taking Bailey's photos! She's gorgeous!!!
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