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21 Lightened-Up Comfort Food Recipes!

We're sharing an epic round-up today of everyone's favorite comfort food recipes -- lightened up! We have everything from lasagna to pot pie to "fried" chicken to mac and cheese to shrimp scampi to chicken parm and more. Seriously, sooooo much good food.

#comfortfood   #recipes   #chicken   #healthyliving  
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Always looking for new ways to prepare vegetables and bread pudding ! Thanks for sharing!🌹
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10 Tips On Cooking For ONE -- my favorite helpful and delicious tips on cooking for one!

#single   #singlelife   #thisissingle   #cooking   #cookingtips  
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So fun +Ali Ebright this is great!!!
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(New!) Slow Cooker Tacos Al Pastor -- simple to make, full of great flavor, and the pork can be used in all sorts of recipes!

#mexican   #slowcooker   #crockpot   #crockpotrecipes  
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cool meal
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Lighter Caesar Salad Recipe -- made with a stellar Greek yogurt Caesar dressing recipe!

#salad #caesar   #healthyeating   #caesarsalad  
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Made this last night. It was delish. Be careful with the garlic though..

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Gnocchi Mac and Cheese -- all of the goodness of classic mac and cheese, but made all the more delicious with chewy potato gnocchi!
#glutenfree   #italian   #comfortfood   #macandcheese   #cheese   #recipe  
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This is great ... thank you ali your selective prepration a anthore delicious recipe s today as its day of celebration... whats red and gravy I love not red this sweeten by sugars and wish for you see you later we meet hopfully sweetheart
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Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup -- easy to make, naturally #vegan  and #glutenfree , and overflowing with butternut flavor.  So comforting and crazy good!

#soup   #slowcooker  #crockpot #dinner 
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And its non apatizer its not watering smell so good texture site stay to think to sweet thanks eli we try more colours likly appearance thanks
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I've been a Hy-Vee customer for more than a decade now, and used to love this location. But over the past year or two, the produce section has taken a major hit in quality. Literally every time I've shopped there recently, some of the most basic fruits and vegetables are either completely out of stock or super low-quality (over- or under-ripe, or damaged). It's kind of bewildering how bad it has become, and I'm surprised that management has not taken steps to improve things. I hope they can do better. But in the meantime, if you're looking for quality produce, I strongly recommend checking out another location or a different grocery store altogether.
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Our experience with Google Fiber in the River Market has been pretty disappointed. There have been consistent outages (usually lasting for an average of 24 hours), and during those outages we hear absolutely nothing from Google Fiber. And for the company that practically runs the internet (and ironically owns Gmail), that has been pretty disappointing not to even receive an email with an estimated time that the outage will be repaired. Occasionally we will receive an apology email 2 weeks later. But for people like me who are self-employed and whose business cannot run without the internet, their customer service has been pretty disappointing.
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Love, love, LOVE Green Clean. Camille has been coming to clean my home twice a month for the past few months, and I can't say enough great things about her and the company. First of all, she's awesome and totally friendly. But she is a PRO when it comes to making my house look gorgeous. And she's fast and thorough and uses all-natural cleaning products, which is important to me. I rarely leave Google reviews, but I know how important it is to find someone good and trustworthy (especially if they are coming into your home), and this company is totally that and more. So if you're looking for someone to come clean, I totally recommend them!
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I KNOW. You're totally going to raise an eyebrow at the name of this place, but trust me, they KNOW how to make good burritos and tacos. (Way better than Chipotle.) I live in the neighborhood and stop in for lunch at least twice a week, and I'm never disappointed. I highly recommend the "Taco Meal Deal" which is usually $5.99 and includes two tacos, chips and a drink. Get the chicken (they are probably the only place in the world where I actually prefer chicken over carnitas) and then also order an extra salsa on the side so that you can have some to dip your chips in. On the salsa note, too, I'm usually a hot salsa girl. But they are known for the medium salsa, and the flavor of it can't be beat. So ridiculously good. (So much so that I usually order a few extra sides of salsa to take home.) Also a bonus? The staff could not be friendlier, especially the older gentleman whose son owns the place. Ask him about Kansas City and the neighborhood, and he always has charming and interesting stories to tell. :) Seriously, go there soon!
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