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Lorelle VanFossen
Blogging evangelist, web experience consultant, trainer, keynote, WordPress fan girl
Blogging evangelist, web experience consultant, trainer, keynote, WordPress fan girl

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Approaches To Using CDNs For Performance Optimization On WordPress Sites

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I'm looking for how to find the divorce records for a case in 1908 in Detroit. I have the case number, but searching online finds only a divorce certificate, not the case files. Are the case files digitized yet for that time period? If not, would those still be at the courthouse or somewhere else? Archives?



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Update now. No questions. Everything.

WordPress blogs defaced in hack attacks -

Completely freaked out. While online with MyHeritage, a genealogy program, considering upgrading my plan while waiting for a client, just a casual browse to explore the price points, my phone rings. It is a MyHeritage company rep telling me that they have been monitoring my activity on the site and called to offer me a better deal.

This is an incredible invasion of privacy and pressure marketing. I feel horrible. Icky.

This kind of marketing has to stop. I know there are laws in many countries and the US is sooooooo far behind the rest of the world, but iiiiiiiccccckkkkkyyyyy. Skin crawling, invaded. I wanted to cancel my subscription and file legal action kind of icky.

Unfortunately, my apathetic fellow citizens, it is only going to get worse. 

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I'm trying to import the NaNoWriMo project template in the newly updated Windows version and getting "Error reading template info: Line 1 Column: 50 Error: 1" per the image below when I go to File > New Project. I click okay and the New Project window appears, but when I try to import through Options the project template, it asks if I want to overwrite the previous version, which I do as there is no other alternative, and when I click YES, it tells me the file is in use. It is not and I rebooted my machine to ensure it wasn't. If I double click on the downloaded .scrivtemplate file, it tells me it is not a Scrivener project file, which it isn't but I'm grasping.

I've done this before but I've had this New Project error this year but lived with it, but not being able to import the new template - that is worrisome and I'm not sure if it is related.

1. Let's deal with the New Project error first, please.

2. Where are the template files stored on the computer? Can I just move the scrivtemplate file and its matching ini file somewhere and it will load from there?

3. Is there a way to delete an imported template file? Maybe I should do that if it won't import over the older version.



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A win to support copyright fair use in compilations.

Kraftwerk loses German hip-hop copyright case in top court -

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