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Lorelle VanFossen
Blogging evangelist, web experience consultant, trainer, keynote, WordPress fan girl
Blogging evangelist, web experience consultant, trainer, keynote, WordPress fan girl


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Great work, Dreamhost. Resist the over-reach of invasive government demands.

US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest site

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For those who need the latest update, and easiest process, to redirect AWAY from the new interface back to the classic interface, you have two options:

1. Always type or bookmark to get to the classic interface.
2. Use the tips below along with Greasemonkey or Greasy Fork for a fast redirect to the classic editor.

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Many towns in the US should be reading this. Want to make American great again, bring back respect for Artisan products.

The secret supplier to the world's top designers -

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Microsoft listened. Nice.

Microsoft Paint avoids brush with death -

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Then something comes along that stops you in your tracks and ignited imagination and memory.
A Hybrid Solar Eclipse over Kenya
Chasing solar eclipses can cause you to go to the most interesting places and meet the most interesting people. Almost. For example, chasing this eclipse brought this astrophotographer to Kenya in 2013. His contact, a member of the Maasai people, was to pick him up at the airport, show him part of southern Kenya, and even agreed to pose in traditional warrior garb on a hill as the hopefully spectacular eclipse set far in background. Unfortunately, this contact person died unexpectedly a week before the astrophotographer's arrival, and so he never got to participate in the shoot, nor know that the resulting image went on to win an international award for astrophotography. Pictured in 2013 from Kenya, the Moon covers much of the Sun during a hybrid eclipse, a rare type of solar eclipse that appears as total from some Earth locations, but annular in others. During the annular part of the eclipse, the Moon was too far from the Earth to block the entire Sun. Next month a total solar eclipse will cross the USA.

Image Credit & Copyright: Eugen Kamenew
Eugen's website:
Release Date: July 24, 2017

+Kamenew Photography
+Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD)

#NASA #Astronomy #Science #Space #Sun #Solar #Eclipse #Kenya #Maasai #Africa #Astrophotography #Photography #STEM #Education #APoD

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End of an era. Microsoft signals end of Paint program -

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Excellence nerd porn for science fiction lovers.

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Want to pay more just to go to the sites you like online for no reason? I didn't think so. Today many companies are uniting to fight for Net Neutrality due to the FCC wanting to destroy it. This will allow your internet providers (companies like AT&T etc) to decide what websites to deliver faster/slower or charge a premium for using. If they get their way, they’ll allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, and extra fees just for using the sites you use for free right now. This is bad. If you are an American citizen you should be worried about this. Take action:
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