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My second vlog! Muslim Reflection on 9/11, 10 years later

This Muslim Reflection on 9/11
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My first vlog ever! Please re-share and help spread the dawah
Enjoy :)

This Muslim "Ramadan"
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Please fill out this FAMILY FEUD survey for our Memorial Qiyaam! We need lots of responses! Link it to your friends too. THANKS! :)

Also, please feel free to join us this weekend - event details here --->
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Masjid at Taqwa (Synott): Sh Syed, Arsalan Majid, Saad Khan. Talha Sattar and Zaid Noor (2nd session)

Masjid Hamza: Hamzah Ghia, Anis Haque

Masjid Bilal: Abdul Mannan, Osman Lashkarwala, Eiad Soudan

Masjid El Farouq: Sh Syed

Almeda Masjid: Sh.Abdul Wahab, Sh. Ahmad, and Sh.Salah as Sawy

Dawah Center: Qari Ahmad Siddiq

Champions Masjid: Fahad Zaman

Masjid Sabireen (South Zone): Sh Syed, Ali Lakhani, Imran Ahmed

CLIC: Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, Fatih Seferagic

Cinco Ranch Mosque: Nauman Yousuf, Uzair Ibrahim, Arshaan

Maryam Masjid: Qari Hashim and Qari Khaled (Al Azhar Grad from Institute of Quran)

Masjid al-Ahad: Aazim Javed, Imad Ahmad, Tarique J. Kazi, Arqam Abdali, Moiz Quadri

If you have any updates/additions, let me know and I'll edit.
[JazakAllahukhair to those who contributed to the list]
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