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Check out game at AA Center - MAVS vs JAZZ - via @YouTube

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Python Testing Podcast???
I had the wonderful joy of stumbling across an insightful and enlightening podcast called Python Testing it can be found at . The site is ran by a software engineer/developer by the name of Brian Okken . In episode 18 dated April 19 2019 ,...

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Ready for the Python Capstone project. Exciting!

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Help our son. Selling his old truck.

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White Dodge Ram 1500
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You can partner with me to help fight hunger.

Shop at my store, so that child may not go hungry...

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Awesome! My buddy Nick Haubner just informed me if free training schedule for tomorrow with Tim Erway. Registering NOW for this one!

8 Tips for Wiser and Safer Laundering

1. Read the product label, even the fine printed detail
2. Buy concentrate, why buy water and then wash in water
3. Wear your clothes more than once, why wash when they aren't dirty
4. Wash and rinse in cold water instead of hot
5. Wash an entire load of laundry instead of a partial fill
6. Dry outside or on a string inside instead dryer
7. Don't buy dry clean only clothes
8. Where those special garments only during special occasion
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