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Daniel Woolstencroft

So, my new nexus 5 arrived yesterday and battery life seems utterly terrible. After poor first impressions, and in order to test, I did a full reset, installed no apps, and charged the phone to 100.

Within 120 minutes I was down to 75% battery, and had the screen on for roughly 5 minutes. Google Plus seemed to be the highest rated app for consumption.

I tried killing google plus when I'd noticed high usage. But the same behaviour continued.

I've packaged the Nexus up to send back as faulty, but wondered what the opinions were on here? Faulty device? Should I try another one from another supplier? Or look at a different device entirely now?

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Any Android shine users care to comment on the current status of the app? I'm thinking of picking one up, but it's not clear online what the feature gap is between iOS and Android.
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