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Wendy Lane Bailey
Singer, Reader, Writer, Hoarder of Shoes
Singer, Reader, Writer, Hoarder of Shoes

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Oh, the pain of having to make intelligible sentences before 9:00 AM...

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Two weeks from today! Me, a mic, a couple of great tunes & you! Y'all come on down to Bloomfield, NJ & check it out.

And with the early onset of warm weather comes an early arrival of allergy season. Full of joy & rapture & Kleenex.

Pausing for Spring Cleaning-AKA -spending 2 days futilely trying to find the floor beneath the detritus only to give up & read a book.

You can either sing or you can put on lip liner-you cannot do both...

Sometimes I am amazed that a song I've sung at least a hundred times still has the power to reduce me to a weeping blubbering mess.

"You don't learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up." Shalom Harlow

It's been the kind of day where removing my makeup requires a blowtorch & a drum of industrial solvent.

Bailey's Rule of Life #14-There's a special place in Hell for those who practice the art of the back handed compliment...Bless your little hearts.

Currently weighing the consequences of running to the grocery store in my pink piggy jammies.
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