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Revisiting Knives Don't Have Your Back by Emily Haines
Solo albums or side projects
by established musicians can be a mixed bag. 
Sometimes they can bring a new level of notoriety to an artist, but they
can also massively overestimate the public’s interest in any music a well-loved
band member has to offer.  Fo...
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Vincent Price Sells Art at Sears (Yes You Read That Correctly)
I spend a good
amount of time searching for obscure videos on YouTube, and I always find
surprises.  Recently, I found an old
commercial for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (a museum I know well) featuring
legendary screen actor Vincent Price . 
It’s an inter...
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No, Not That Star Wars Trailer, a Different One
Well, the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars film was released last weekend and it’s already been
watched about 30 million times on YouTube. 
Pretty impressive for a clip that showcases less than two minutes of
footage, some of which might not even end up...
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Cesar Pelli's Lost Oasis: The Niagara Falls Winter Garder
Cesar Pelli's Winter Garden, nearing the end. I distinctly remember the first time I experienced Cesar
Pelli’s Winter Garden in Niagara Falls, New York.  I was in high school, and I was visiting the
Falls with a friend.  We decided to poke
around in the Rai...
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Not on The Wedding List: Kate Bush Gets Snubbed Again
When I choose
topics for this blog, I try to pick things to write about that aren’t widely
discussed on the internet.  That was the
whole reason for starting this thing in the first place, since I wanted to
highlight topics that might be under-reported or a...
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Discovering Burchfield's Buffalo, Part 2
Last June, I posted an exploration of the Charles Burchfield
painting called Black Iron .   I’m fairly certain I located the two railroad
bridges Burchfield painted in 1935 and documented the similarities between
the painting and the existing bridges that s...
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Halloween, Gremlns, and Hemo the Magnificent
As Halloween
approaches I thought I’d touch on something having to do with the season.   I’m not necessarily the most linear thinker,
though, so my choice of topic this time happened in sort of an indirect way.   I was talking with my wife about instruction...
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Let's look at art, neighbor
Growing up in the 1970s, I watched a lot of Mister Roger’s
Neighborhood.  Children’s T.V. programming
was limited in those days.  Sesame Street
was around, of course, and living close to Canada gave me access to classic CBC kid’s shows like Mr. Dressup and ...
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Discovering Burchfield's Buffalo
I grew up in the Buffalo suburb of West Seneca.   It was pretty ordinary, as suburbs go, but
West Seneca was special in one regard: a famous artist once lived there.   My father told me this when I was a kid and
it was kind of a magical thought, since Buffa...
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Jean Michel Basquiat and the Joy of Original Sources
Recently my local PBS station aired Julian Schnabel’s 1996 film Basquiat .  I had never seen it before but after watching
it, I wanted to do a little digging into the movie’s subject.  Jean-Michel Basquiat occupies a near-mythic
position in the art world an...
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