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Scheduling a Google+ Hangout Event
Posted by +Dori Storbeck

The holidays are a great time for visiting with friends and family. But if you’re going on a relaxing Hawaiian vacation instead or your grandmother can’t make it across the country, you can rely on hangouts to keep you connected to those closest to you. 

And it’s easier than ever to stay organized and plan your hangouts via Google+ Events!

1. Go to the Events section of Google+
2. Create a new Event
3. Select the “Google+ Hangout” option under Event Options > Advanced and invite your guests

When the hangout is scheduled to start everyone will be notified to go to the Event page and join your Hangout.

Reminder: Hangouts Office Hours today from 2-3pm PST. Drop by if you have a question about hangouts.
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We tried this on xmas eve and every time we had more than 3 people/locations in our hangout it would freeze up.
I worry about this as we approach our first Hangout in our community. 
I have several weekly Hangouts with 5+ people lasting between 1 and 2 hours and we find it excellent. +Angela Duckworth, if the broadband connection of the participants is half decent, you will be fine.
+Jessica Lucas what OS, browser (and version), and plugin version were you and all of your participants running? Were all participants connected to a strong, stable Internet connection? (Feel free to +mention us off this post if you want to, so we can help troubleshoot this more.)
I love using events. I just wish Google would make their season event banners remain available once the season is done. I wanted to put a Halloween 2013 event in my calendar but the only fancy seasonal banners available were the Christmas ones.
So I guess this can't be added to events I've already created, huh?
+Brandon Petaccio if you created an Event and you want to add a regular Hangout to is, you just need to go to your Event, click the Actions button and select Edit Event. From there, you want to follow the directions above to add a regular Hangout.
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