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Google+ Help hung out with 25 people.Mike Downes, Daniel Enrique Auqui, Allen Firstenberg, Giovanni Romana, Rob Allbanks, Michael Banks, Shayan Zafar, Lisa Miller, Stuart O'Neill, joseph shnider, DeAno Jackson, Paul Terry Walhus, Wolf Weber, Moritz Tolxdorff, James Worley, Athanassios Kollyris, Dyaa Eldin Moustafa, keyur savsani, Xavier Hentie, Salem Mohammed, Samuel Barbosa, Malachi Jones, Marcos Luparia, axel camacaro, and Sancho Panza
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Google+ Help was in a video call with 25 others
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Schade. Hangout ist ausgebucht ;-)
Can't get in. Too many people.  Will Hangouts ever have the option to be limited to country. I don't care about the logistics. I would love if the team could figure out a solution. :-) please....pretty please.
Damn; too late.  We're wrapping up shortly anyway.
it's ok. I'll just remind myself to do it next Thursday. :-)
+Margie Hearron thanks for the feedback/feature suggestion. I believe we've received this one in the past, but I can make sure we have it added to our list of feature requests!
Ah, I see what you mean now; I misunderstood.
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