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Make it Larger! Full screen Google+ Hangouts On Air
Posted by +Dori Storbeck 

Looking for a full screen option to your Hangout On Air broadcast? This much anticipated feature is now available by default when only one participant is visible in your broadcast.

If your HOA has multiple participants, you can still achieve full screen by utilizing the Cameraman app to put everyone but the main speaker “backstage.”

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Reminder: Hangouts Office Hours today from 2-3pm PST. Drop by if you have a question about hangouts.
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+Google+ Help  Help.  When I visit the G+ Discuss Community, there is no button to join.  Who can I talk to to correct this.
+Google+ Help when you say to 'drop by' where are we 'dropping by' (where to we go to join in, here on the G+ Page)?
+Ronnie Bincer Yes, Hangouts Office Hours are held here on the page. The intent is that if you have a question, you pop into the hangout, ask your question and get an answer, and then move along so someone else can stop by.
It would be great if the Hangouts were a a part of an event so we would could just go to the event page and click on the link to join.  Or are they HOA and everybody can view?
+Al Remetch No, we host office hours for hangouts-related questions on Thursdays, usually from 2-3pm PST.

Currently, we are not hosting them as HOAs, but we are looking into the possibility of creating Events for these hangouts and/or occasionally hosting them as HOAs. Thanks for the feedback!
Sean S
Would love to see a feature similar to HOA but within the Hangouts environment rather than YouTube.  The person who starts the hangout could push a button that lets people enter the hangout as a viewer and not a webcam participant.  The viewer be able to text chat.  The chat would be off the record and not stored like in YouTube HOA comments.  The person who starts the hangout would have the option to record the hangout and have it uploaded to their YouTube channel afterwards.
This is a good option when you want people to watch your hangout but not necessary have it recorded for YouTube.
+Google+ Help I have a question about G+ Discuss Community.  There is no button to join and you are the listed owner of the community.  Who can I talk to get help.
Would be nice to be able to go full screen, with the participants small pics "above" the main video (and without app:-) )
+Al Remetch You need to join the community to post or comment. After clicking the link to view the community, there should be a button at the very top of the stream in red (make sure you're scrolled all the way to the top of the page). If you've been invited already by someone else, it will say "Accept invitation". If it's a completely new community, the button will say "Join community".
I missed any discussion re. the Full Screen HOA concept.

Did you guys discuss how to quickly/easily change from one person to another while maintaining Full Screen? Any talk about keeping the Audio/Sound from those that were visually muted? Thanks!
+Al Remetch As previously mentioned on another post, you may have been removed and blocked for violating the rules of the community.
+Ronnie Bincer we didn't discuss full screen HOAs at all. Our Thursday hangout posts and hangouts OH don't necessarily correspond as there isn't a topic for the Office Hours. Thursdays are just an overall "hangouts themed" day for the G+ Help page. 
+Google+ Help Is there a way to check if I've been removed or banned and for what reason.  Could there be a mistake?
+Sean S thanks for the feedback! We're already aware of a feature request for "limited broadcasts" and the ability to record regular hangouts, but this is an interesting twist on those ideas!
Awesome feature +Google+ Help !!

I also love the idea from +Sean S ... Imagine Hangouts for Community Groups, such as AA or even Bible Studies, where anyone could listen in anonamously and ask questions via chat.
Hi everyone, we're closing comments on this post so we can prioritize replying to the other incoming +mentions and shares we've been receiving. Please keep your feedback and questions coming by +mentioning +Google+ Help.