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Google+ Help hung out with 10 people.Mike Downes, Stormy Henderson, Alex Z, David Chávez, Billy Wilson, Chris Yates, Allen Firstenberg, amer alh, AJ Klein, and Moritz Tolxdorff
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Google+ Help was in a video call with 10 others
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I wish you guys did these as a Hangouts on Air, so we could all see the Q&A's later. Or are they uploaded somewhere & I just do not know?
They are not on Air yet. Maybe in the future we'll do HOA office hours.
Some small improvements would be needed in the future. Like +Sheryl Loch suggested, HOA would be a great idea. I have tried to join the Hangout but it was all seated and later it was off ;-) Maybe if a question has been answered by +Google+ Help the participant may have to be shown the door to make the seats available :-) 10 seats with 3-6 pro's for answering questions or just listening are a bit too less in this scenario.
+Sheryl Loch +Nick Rock thanks for the feedback! We are exploring options for future Hangouts Office Hours - including the possibility of hosting some as HOAs.
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