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Google+ Help hung out with 35 people.Moritz Tolxdorff, Mike Downes, Allen Firstenberg, Marcelo Dênis, dj paisley amoeba, Ben Brady, Josh Swafford, Sheryl Loch, Andre Specker, Lynn Forbes, James Nixon Steel, Joe Jones, Katie Wright, Diana Siege, hüseyin akiz, Olaf Klahr, shoon Se, Ronnie Bincer, Brant lane, more saad, Edward Romero, kevin redman, Wally Adams, Aaron Young, Johnny Roquemore, Joshua Reeder, Jeferson Dutra, ahmmaad ebra, Harold Carey Jr, Michele Venturi, Don Browne, ala djebbi, Michael Daniels, Stormy Henderson, and Ugo Cei
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Google+ Help was in a video call with 35 others
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