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Helpful Google+ Community Members
Posted by +Natalie Villalobos  

Google+ is a vast and diverse land of streams, hangouts, photos, and new friends. Sometimes you need help navigating it all and probably have questions as you wander. The +Google+ Help page is always a great one to +mention should you have questions, issues, or feedback. We’d also like to suggest a few good people to add to your circles that also post helpful content and love engaging with the G+ community.

Add 1, some, or all!

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I can always be pinged for help.  Just give me a +mention and I'll usually respond in a few minutes. =)
Thank you for including... always happy to help where I can.
I've been working at bringing some of my contacts from LinkedIn over to G+ to show them around so now my own knowledge of G+ is being challenged by their questions... so this circle might be very handy. Thank for sharing +Natalie Villalobos 

Sending a question to this circle is seems like the G+ equivalent of the Bat-Signal
So happy to be apart of this group and always will to help where ever I can :) 
+Google+ Help need to delete community, cause owner my bro in jail. How? Do I do that i'm moderator. Help
I try to help where I can, so thank you +Google+ Help for placing me in this great circle! :-)

The best way to get my attention and help is via my +Google+ Helper page and the attached community with some brilliant moderators who in many cases know even more than me: 

Blog about Google+:

I also help folks in Finnish: and in +Gplussa 

Very warm welcome to all in the Circleverse!
We're closing comments on this post so we can prioritize replying to the other incoming +mentions and shares we've been receiving. Please keep your feedback and questions coming by +mentioning +Google+ Help.