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Netzens Softech - Global Online Marketing
We can help clients to promote their brand and increase online visibility with creative online marketing solutions.
We can help clients to promote their brand and increase online visibility with creative online marketing solutions.


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Top #Trends to be followed for  
  #practice   in 2013
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How to write Blog Articles SEO Keyword Optimized.
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5 Myths regarding your Backlinks
1 Remove all purchased fixed backlinks
2 Simply remove links radically inferior
3 Brand-stamped Backlinks flat as positive
4 Without tools is nothing
5 Google Disavow tool is evil
5 rules to be explained in more detail below link:
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understanding the #google author rank.......
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A look behind the scenes at a SEO India company
Keyword research
Page optimization
Link Building
Keyword rankings measuring
How is the work divided?

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Local SEO – The Way To Become King of The Local SEO Market

Today there are two type of business which are running successfully, one is globally/nationally targeted business and another one is Local market targeted business.

Local Community Participation
Offline Marketing
Local Site Submission
Partner Links
Content Marketing

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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Based On Quality Or Quantity?
The modern content is dependent upon the digital media channels for maximum exposure. Delivering your content at the right place would ensure that it is viewed. It turns out to be an advantage for the product as an increase in the number of views would affect the number of sales as well. Social Media Blogs
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10 Tips of Social Media
1. Focus on goals, not on channels
2. Decide who you want to reach first
3. Knowledge is power
4. Find out what is said about you
5. Action and reaction
6. Be honest
7. Use social sharing links
8. Provide added value
9. Avoid too much promotion
10. Be part of the community
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The weaknesses of social media
While social media is great for personalization, results are often based on averages shown by the action of democracy. This can ensure that good initiatives do not come up.

Consumers and employees can say everything about your business on social media websites. This can provide a lot of positive publicity, but also bad publicity, even if it is not justified.
A good example is #dominospizza . To counter these problems, enable more companies social media guidelines for their employees.

Social media are not always as reliable as it is said. Many messages on Twitter are for example rumors that are reinforced by the masses were subsequently found not to be true.
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