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Unlike HamillHimself, I have words. Several of them. Here's the TL/DR version: She was awesome, it sucks that she's gone, and she'll be missed by all those she touched along her life's journey.

Yeah... that was the short version.

Carrie Fisher's role of Princess Leia was the first time I'd encountered something that contradicted the standard trope that a woman, especially a princess, needed to be rescued, from everything, at all times.

With Star Wars comes Leia, and while, yes, she needed to be rescued, it was on her own terms, and definitely with her hand guiding the whole process. Her character was respected, though not for her royalty, and engendered loyalty from those around her, as she led by example. When the fight came to her, she picked up the gun and welcomed it.

In my mind, Carrie Fisher, through Princess Leia, was the inaugural member of the Self-Rescuing Princess Society. Even outside of Leia, we saw her being strong. Yes, she had drug and alcohol issues, and yes, she dealt with mental illness, but she also owned up to her mistakes along the way. Not only that, but she also championed the causes for those who suffered from those same issues and conflicts.

She wasn't the princess we wanted, she was the princess we needed, and she will be dearly missed.

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Dan was awarded a Medal Of Valor yesterday

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Brilliant and on point

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Interesting article from March. I've worked in a SOC for a number of years, and have toured several both in the public and private sectors. I see a lot of the failings noted in the article, but I've also seen a lot of the tips being used quite effectively.

One of the critical points in the article is the paring down of the data sets, determine what logs are useful and what are not, excising those that aren't useful. I see far too many organizations keeping logs for the sake of keeping logs. Another major failing I see is keeping metrics on just about everything, mostly for the sake of keeping metrics. This really isn't useful to anyone.

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There's often a reason we can't have nice things. Where tech is deliberately squashed because lawmakers will make laws about things they have no clue about.

Case in point:

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If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men's bathroom? Corey IS #transgender

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Officer Pueblo was released from the hospital today. Daniel has asked if you are considering donating, please do so for Officer Pueblo.

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Scary weekend for our family getting a call that Daniel had been shot twice.

He might not be my child by blood, but I certainly consider him my son and the news was pretty much crushing when we got it.

Going to be a stressful couple of weeks for the whole family.
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