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I am only getting full zips not delta ones, log is also posted here. It's a forked version.

Hi, I forked this app and changed a bit to allow http links instead of https and urls to my host provider. After I set up everything nicely, like changing links in config, building and making a published delta file and uploading it along with full rom zip with md5sum to my host, I tested the app and it showed downloads disable.

This is my directory structure.


My full zip is in OnePlus2 folder and all three delta related published files are in delta/OnePlus2.

json is at

First the updater was showing updates disabled, checking logs showed this,

02-18 22:42:14.009 24342 24342 D OpenDelta: onReceive state = error_unofficial
02-18 22:42:14.009 24342 24359 D OpenDelta: no latest build found at for OnePlus2 prefix

So changed my folders name from oneplus2 to OnePlus2 and that worked and it showed the update but only full rom not the delta one but I can't understand the first error.

I set string name="official_version_tag">NIGHTLY to Unofficial as my builds name is


When it started to show full roms, I investigated further with logs and here is the new output.

02-18 23:19:38.505 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: download: 02-18 23:19:38.528 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: delta --> []
02-18 23:19:38.529 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: download: 02-18 23:19:38.999 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: response: 404
02-18 23:19:39.000 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: download: 02-18 23:19:39.408 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: response: 404
02-18 23:19:39.419 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: download size --> deltas[71856304] vs full[559534466]

Then it's searching for full zip on my storage,

02-18 23:19:40.318 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: checking: /storage/emulated/0/Oneplus2/Roms and Kernels/N/
02-18 23:19:45.195 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: initial: /storage/emulated/0/Oneplus2/Roms and Kernels/N/
02-18 23:19:45.204 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: check donne: latest valid delta update = null : latest full build available = : updateAvilable = true : downloadFullBuild = true
02-18 23:19:45.209 30471 30471 D OpenDelta: onSharedPreferenceChan
ged download_size_long
02-18 23:19:45.218 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: autoState state = action_searching userInitiated = true checkOnly = 1
02-18 23:19:45.218 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: Checking step done
02-18 23:19:45.218 30471 30490 D OpenDelta: Update available
02-18 23:19:45.222 30471 30471 D OpenDelta: onSharedPreferenceChanged last_check_time
02-18 23:19:45.224 30471 30471 D OpenDelta: onReceive state = action_build

Then in the end decided to get full zip, now the reason shows that either the delta was revoked or it couldn't get it because of 404 error but it's still there and I can access or download it using any browser, with http or https both.

Can anyone suggest me what am I doing wrong here or what I need to change so it can read and accept and download delta files too?


Want to report a bug. It exists since the beginning of Nougat. When there are too many notifications, they'll overlap the clock if it's centered. Even the code is in there to deal with this, it doesn't work. Kindly look at it at your convenience. 

Oneplus 2
Unofficial RR
Substratum 561
Problem with every theme.
Android 7.1.1
All oms related commits are in.

I have reported this issue earlier but after a clean flash the issue was gone but now again I am having the issue again. Here is the detailed explanation.

After applying themes, if I soft reboot only some elements of themes were applied and background of settings were not.

Here is the notable output of logcat for overlaymanager.

01 17:27:37.339 8268 8268 W art : Found duplicated class when checking oat files: 'Landroid/content/om/IOverlayManager;' in /data/app/http://projekt.substratum-1/http://base.apk and /data/app/http://projekt.substratum-1/http://base.apk

However if I hard reboot, none of the elements were applied and there were no mention of overlaymanager in log and I have to apply my themes again. Oh and all my overlays got deleted except Google play services.

Logcat for soft reboot is here.

Another thing to mention here is that after a hard reboot all my overlays gets deleted automatically and this I go back to default white theme.. 

I am not getting lockscreen blur option in my build. My repos are synched to latest sources and commits for lockscreen blurs are in too. Do I need to add any device related commits too? 

I hope I am not offending anyone here by asking this question. I have always wondered why RR never had any gerrit kind of place where changes can be tested first and then merged or can be discussed. I saw sometimes that few commits get pushed and then pulled back or later gets reverted. Again no disrespect to anyone, I love RR and appreciate whatever you guys do. I am asking out of curiosity. 

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1. Is there somewhere I can read more about Smartbar - Onehand mode UI coz I can't understand its use. Nothing seems to happen differently when enabling that feature on navbar.

2. Can you fix the notification volume caption as notification volume has a separate seekbar option when ringtone and notification unlinked but the captions are only available for ringtone, media and system when any changes made to volume with volume keys.


+Varun Date

What files contain the values for window animation scale? I can't seem to find them in /res/values/array.xml?


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Hi, I have two custom areas in my settings menu. One is gesture and and one is Additional buttons. This commit here deals with some white background in Gesture area, but my whole background in these two areas is always white. So should I let the dev of the themes know to configure them at their end or should I need to include any specific commit into my rom build to comply with the themes background?

I am not sure this is a bug in new 500+ version or something else but I recently restored my backup that had a substratum theme installed and substratum installed. After restoration substratum updated to latest version. Issue is after I set a theme, it set up fine but after a reboot theme changed back to default and I have to set it up again. What could be the issue? 
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