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Ashok Soni

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OP2.. Everything is stock. 😁

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Device - op2
ROM - RR Official with rootless commits merged
Substratum version - 604
A detailed description of the problem you're having -
Themeinterface is crashing when applying a font. Theme is SubFont
Font is applied successfully though even with a crash.

Logs -
Android version - 7.1.1
Gapps package used - opengapps pico
Root method - Magisk

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Update for OP2.

No deltas for now, having some issues with Delta server. For now, use full rom zips.

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Today's update for OP2 users.



Users who are on my official build 23.02.2017 can download this as a delta update via OpenDelta app.

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23.02.2017 update for OP2 users.
Download ROM


Hopefully you will start getting incremental updates from next build. If you check OpenDelta it should display you are updated. Once I release my next update, you should get an update for Delta builds.

Note: This is not for all official builds. OpenDelta should be implemented by individual maintainers, it's not an official feature so don't ask if this is available for other devices.

In the end, enjoy ;)

Want to report a bug. It exists since the beginning of Nougat. When there are too many notifications, they'll overlap the clock if it's centered. Even the code is in there to deal with this, it doesn't work. Kindly look at it at your convenience.

I am not getting lockscreen blur option in my build. My repos are synched to latest sources and commits for lockscreen blurs are in too. Do I need to add any device related commits too? ο»Ώ
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