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The Dreaming Society
An Alternative-Rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Thank you for connecting with us!
An Alternative-Rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Thank you for connecting with us!


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TONIGHT Come see The Dreaming Society's final show before an indefinite hiatus! Molly Malones in L.A., tickets: … …
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March news and a sorta goodbye: time for a shift to something new.
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Check out The Dreaming Society live from The Village Studios. Thank you everyone involved with +Artists In The Plus and especially +John Voshell. It was amazing being in a studio where The Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Korn, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga and so many more artists have recorded. Our set begins at the 3hr 20min mark!

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THANK YOU so much to everyone who's voted for us in the Recording Contest with Val Garay! PLEASE If you haven't voted for us yet, you can easily do so here in 10 seconds:!val-garay-recording-contest/c1p96

You don't need to sign up for anything... super easy.

Voting ends tonight... we need YOU!!


#ArtistsInThePlus #smwaitpmusicfest
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The +Artists In The Plus recording contest starts today! Click on the link below and vote for The Dreaming Society's song "Father" to win us the opportunity to work with producer Val Garay. The winner will be announced Friday!

Check next to The Dreaming Society in the blue box under Val Garay's picture to vote for us! Thank you. ;)!val-garay-recording-contest/c1p96

#aitp   #aitpendorsed   #aitpvote
The +Artists In The Plus  recording contest starts today! Click on the link below and vote for The Dreaming Society's song "Father" to win us the opportunity to work with producer Val Garay. The winner will be announced Friday!

Check next to The Dreaming Society in the blue box under Val Garay's picture to vote for us! Thank you. ;)!val-garay-recording-contest/c1p96

#aitp   #aitpendorsed   #aitpvote
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Only nine days away from this incredible event! Looking forward to sharing the "stage" with so many talented artists. Don't miss it! You can RSVP on the event page below:

#OnlineMusicFestival #ArtistsInThePlus #aitpmusicfestival2013 #Musicfestival #OnlineFestival #VillageStudios #SMWLA
September 25th we kick off the 2013 AITP Online Music Festival week. The fun all starts when Artists from all over the globe start arriving in LA. This event bringing you close to hundred emerging Artists worldwide. In person and virtually using Google Hangouts.  Is also part of this year's +Social Media Week in Los Angeles.  

*Welcome Party
The party gets started Thursday night as Anacron and UNFAMOUS throw us a welcome party.

AITP Music Festival

Village Studios
In every decade since its founding, The Village has produced the favorite songs of all time. As the look and sound of music changes, so does The Village. From legends like Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, B. B. King and Bob Dylan to current artists like Coldplay, Taylor Swift and John Mayer you would be hard pressed to find an artist who hasn't recorded here. We will be bringing you live performances from thirty of your favorite Artists In The Plus musicians. We will have 30 live performances from Village Studios. They will be streamed live on YouTube worldwide. 

Live from Bergen
We have a special live event in Bergen, Norway Saturday September 28th, brought to you by the new European division of Artists In The Plus! You can join us in Bergen with performances by +MadCraft, +Ilona T, and Artist Of The Year 2012 +Myrna Braza from the beautiful Biblioteket Bar! 

12 Hours a day of Hangout On Air Performances!
We have artists from all over the world performing by +Google On Air Hangouts for you as well. 


You can help one of your favorite Artists get the opportunity to have a song recorded with +Val Garay. All the performers will be submitting songs in the coming weeks. The +Artists In The Plus panel and Val Garay will narrow those submissions down to five finalists. Those finalists will be announced live at +The Village | Village Studios during the Online Music Festival. Then is up to you the fans, who gets a chance to record with +Val Garay at his studio.

More on +Val Garay! 
Val Garay is a legendary Producer/Engineer with a career spanning almost 4 decades when he started as a young singer/songwriter in the late 60’s.

He’s garnered over 100 gold & platinum records with total record sales over 125,000,000 worldwide.

He’s had massive number one hits and one song alone was #1 in thirty one countries around the world and #1 in the Billboard charts for 16 consecutive weeks. 

He’s been Nominated for Grammy’s on 9 different occasions and won for the “Record of the Year & Song of the Year” with Bette Davis Eyes in 1981 and an Emmy Nomination for Neil Diamond’s TV Special, “Glad You’re Here With Me Tonight”.

He was part of the 70’s California Sound which gave you Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, James Taylor, Andrew Gold, J.D. Souther and on and on.

He’s worked with such legendary artists as , Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Kim Carnes, The Motels, Sarah Brightman, Santana, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, Frankie Valley & The Four Seasons, Marvin Gaye, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Joan Armatrading, Seals & Crofts, The Mama’s & Papa’s, Queensryche, Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds and the list continues.

Contests & Giveaways!
+lunaguitars has giving us two beautiful Guitars to give away to lucky fans! Follow this event page for details on how to win.

Celebrity Vocal Coach Debra Byrd has been the vocal coach and arranger for American Idol, as well as the show's North American music tours. She is also the vocal coach and arranger for Canadian Idol, Seasons two to seven. Byrd brings her knowledge of musical expression and performance to groups of eager singers.  She is giving fans of +Artists In The Plus a chance to win a one hour Online Vocal Lesson. Follow this event page for details on how to win.

Photo Walk
We also will have +Jordan Oram in LA with us, and he is planning a photo walk for the event on Monday September 30th! Contact Jordan if you would like to join us. 

One Last Party
No one will be ready to leave, but at least we will have some fun the last night! +UNFAMOUS is at it again sending us off in style with an event Monday night!

Playing live from +The Village | Village Studios!  
Ashley Jones
Blackford Hill
Boy Hits Car
Brent Michelle
Chase Walker Band
Danni Rosner
David Santy
Jason Diego
Joel Ryans
Julia Price
Level Se7en
Marcela Carmona
Max Lugavere
Mina Koo
Native June
Neo Geo
Nikki Lang
Primo Nellz
Shani Shousterman
Sonia Rao
Tara J King
The Dreaming Society
VK Lynne

Playing from +Scratch Tracks Studio

Anitra Jay
Arsena Schroeder
Butterfly Corpse
Nicole Monroe
Sara Corbin

Scheduled to Appear by Hangouts Worldwide!
Animal Hands
Aria Tesolin
Art Martin
Cecilee Linke
Cheryl Murdock
Christina Cecrle
Corey Koehler
Dai Sharkey
Dante Matas
Daria Musk
Deni Gauthier
Eddie Carrigan
Emily Bell
Frank Palangi
Hanna Silver
Hannah Clive
Heather Fay
Irene Conti
James Olmos
Karina Vismara
Kristian Jackson
Laura Marie
Lisa Marshall
Maddie Wilson
Melissa B.
Meri Amber
mister ebby
Natalie Gelman
Nik and Sam
Paul Platt
Rebecca Perl
Rhoda Joy
Rob Michael
Sabrina Signs
Samantha Batt
semina & eve
Sophia Dion
Tim Behrens
Tom Strasser
Vanessa Peters

Please Support Our Sponsors!
The Village Studios

Biblioteket Bar
Europcar For transport and logistics during the event Bergen, Norway           

Beautiful, affordable guitars that play beautifully and are as distinctive as though who play them"

Loudr is a music distribution platform that empowers artists by providing them with the tools they need to take charge of their own music distribution. Loudr also loves artists’ fans and aims to provide them with the best platform for supporting one another and growing together.
Baja Artists provides artists a free system to share contact information, far beyond brief artists’ biographies and work that others auction. Thus, artists have a free world-wide network to showcase their creative skills. is designed by artists for artists, staged in an eye-catching multi-faceted presentation. But, of most importance, artists control the content of their connections and are free to act in their own best interest.

Safe X-Change "Safe-Xchange is creating an app that will help artists make money from the file sharing networks. We completely support John Voshell and Artists In The Plus and will be featuring Artists In The Plus in our app."
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Check out our promo! The Dreaming Society will be a part of the biggest on-line music festival EVER. It will be held September 27-29 2013 (72 hours non-stop featuring bands from all over the world). We will be performing in Los Angeles on September 28th. Check out +Artists In The Plus or for details.

#aitp   #aitpendorsed   #aitpvote
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+John Voshell +Artists In The Plus Like our new banner? ;) Wanted to help promote AITP. Can't wait to rock the AITP Music Fest!!
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