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Since we're sharing Goes Up games, here's the beginnings of Goat Goes Up (working title). For some reason either iMovie ot vimeo appears to have clipped the top and bottom a bit so the goat is off screen some of the time, but hey, there's enough to get the gist of it. Climb up, tryst with amorous billy goats, eat grass, give birth :).

There'll be plenty more in the full game obviously.
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Looks great - finish it, sell millions! :)
We could invent a whole new genre of "Goes Up" games :)
Yeah, Nebulus came to mind when I was doing the platforms, I just wanted a slightly different look than just straight platforms so a little Nebulussy curvature came to mind :)
Surely that's the goat sprite from Canyon Climber? Looks like fun!
I really love the grazing effect. It's like watching a barber shop in fast forward. 
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